Operational control that yields profits.

With an average implementation time of only three months, customers start to see ROI almost immediately. Dramatic improvements across the board are business as usual for SalesPad customers — experience for yourself how excellence in order-to-cash methodology will transform your business and boost your bottom line.

Information at Your Fingertips

Find customer data quickly with an intuitive CRM module. Don’t leave a customer waiting on the phone while you hunt down information — get what you need quickly and in thorough detail. Customer data is cleanly organized using tabbed windows.

Foolproof Document Management

Create an order in just a few seconds. Split orders or invoices by a variety of criteria with only a few clicks. Easily reference previous versions, or split again if you need to. Flexible document management adapts to changes to your workflow. Splitting, duplicating, templating — it’s all intuitive with SalesPad. Make your sales document management work for you.

Faster Receiving and Restocking

Receive and stock inventory quickly and accurately via barcode. Arm your warehouse workers with mobile scanners, implement multi-bin storage, and create a variety of intelligent picking strategies. Streamline your warehouse with multi-bin organization. Turn your warehouse into a model of clean, efficient operations with powerful ways to store, pick, and transfer items.

Increase Efficiency with Workflows

Intelligent workflows immediately recognize when an order is ready to ship. They simplify distribution operations and supercharge your potential. Set workflows up once, update as your processes evolve, and then get to work tackling your next big growth initiatives.

Simplified Payments and Invoicing

Core financial software is fully integrated to eliminate the possibility of bad data in any of your storefronts or warehouses, or the front office. Ensure that your numbers are up-to-date across all locations, and never worry about over-allocating inventory. Financial and inventory information is always accurate in your respective systems, and the records you create make filing taxes simple.

Save on Shipping and Delivery Costs

No more mispicks or incorrect shipments — validated pick-and-pack lists prevent them. Trust that your inventory goes out on time, and know that it’s fully trackable. Once your goods are on the road, know that your drivers’ routes are optimized and can be edited on the fly. Returns are easy, too, and can be incorporated into your delivery routes.

Make Informed Decisions

You need consistent data across your business to make sound decisions and drive profits. Our solution makes data access easy. Keep your numbers synchronized dynamically with fully integrated systems — and make business moves with confidence.

Supercharge Your Operations

SalesPad’s order-to-cash methodology supports profits. By layering in best-of-breed tools for selling and ordering, warehousing, replenishment, shipping and delivery, invoicing and collection, and data gathering, we provide you the tools you need to transform your business. Our full stack of capabilities will supercharge your distribution business.

SalesPad Customer Testimonials

“Before SalesPad, we spent a lot of money and man hours managing
our inventory, and it wasn’t accurate. With the subscription to
SalesPad, though, we’re going to save money, and we’re going to
make money. It’s going to pay for itself very quickly.”

James Weise
President, American Storage and Logistics

Blenders Bottles

“SalesPad is the most reliable of all our software programs.
Although BlenderBottle also uses several other business
applications, not a single order ships from our warehouse
without being touched by SalesPad.”

Grant Peterson
Technology Operations Supervisor, BlenderBottle Company®

SalesPad Testimonial

“Prior to SalesPad, order accuracy was a problem. We
would miss notes that were pertinent to the carrier,
such as whether it was a driver unload, or the driver
appointment number. Now it’s just there automatically.
We’re confident it’s there.”

Cara Fleming
Order Processor, The Handi-Craft Company®

hoy shoe company
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Hoy Shoe Co

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