Tailored solutions mean better ROI.

It’s SalesPad, made to order.


You have a problem. We’ll build the solution.

Leverage SalesPad’s fourteen years of Operational ERP software experience by letting us take a deep dive into your processes. We’ll craft custom solutions that bring tangible improvements and better ROI. Our development team connects complex business systems together and can help upgrade the reporting, mobile, and business intelligence capabilities of most ERP solutions.

Curious about what sort of custom software we’ve built before?

Here are just a few examples of the sorts of things we’ve created:

  • Lot user field receiving capabilities, which means that our customer can now save SalesPad Desktop lot user fields in the Receiving module of DataCollection.
  • BOM modifications, resulting in a plugin that allows for our customer to make BOM modifications on the fly.
  • Sequential serials, so that our customer can simply scan one or two serial numbers in DataCollection, and then DataCollection will calculate the rest of the serial numbers and add them to the current sales document.
  • Rate shopping/sales line item cartonization, which means that our customer’s line items contain two user defined fields for box code and box name, allowing users to quickly see the box (or carton) that the item belongs to.

So many reasons to get on this train.

Take your business operations to the next level.

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Before any custom work is done, SalesPad will visit your business to determine how best to improve your systems and processes, and thus your efficiency and profit.

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Are you working with multiple software platforms that aren’t communicating the way you want them to? We’ll integrate your systems into one cohesive solution using AutomationAgent.

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Let us perfectly tailor your dashboards, SSRS reports, and quick reports in order to monitor your business, to ensure that it’s running smoothly. It’s guaranteed to create peace of mind.

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Consider SalesPad your very own internal development team dedication to writing, testing, and implementing customized mobile apps perfect for you and your business.

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Leverage your ecommerce platforms and other web technologies by creating connections between your backend systems and your online sales channels. It really is that simple.

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Are you or your employees bogged down by manually completing repetitive tasks that you suspect could easily be automated? We’ll say it again — you need AutomationAgent.

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Who enjoys manually migrating mass amounts of data? Bueller? Bueller? Our experts can easily move data between systems and make that same data more accessible, useful, and potent

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We’re not just developers. We’re also ERP experts, making us the missing half of your dynamic duo. With over a decade of experience, SalesPad will build the perfect solution.

AutomationAgent is the secret sauce in our kitchen.

But we won’t hoard it. That’s not our way.

Chances are, a lot of what you’re searching for as you look into custom software solutions has already been built with our AutomationAgent product. If you need a way to automate repetitive processes, connect different software solutions together, conduct pre-scheduled tasks independently, or transfer large amounts of data between systems, AutomationAgent is the tool you’re looking for, with or without additional customization.

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Assembling a great team is the first step.

This isn’t our first rodeo. And it won’t be our last.

There’s no doubt that SalesPad Desktop is already a pretty powerful, flexible, scalable product, but no software is perfect, and every company out there has unique needs. That’s why our team gives you the option of working directly with them to create customized versions of SalesPad Desktop that are perfect for you and your business. We want to see you maximize your potential, and we know that a good, reliable software is vital to your success. So let’s put our heads together and build something great.

Could you benefit from a Business Process Review?

Veterinary Medical Center Case Study

Featured Case Study

Veterinary Medical Center

Veterinary Medical Center, located in Worthington, MN, is no average company. They offer a wide variety of services and products related to veterinary care, and some of those services come with state and federal government paperwork. They needed a solution that would help them generate and maintain the proper documents, as well as address their other demanding business process workflow needs. And that’s where we come in.

Cody loves SalesPad. Here’s why …

Every time we asked ‘Can we do X? The answer was ‘Yes’ or ‘Here’s a better way.’”

— Cody Pike, Chief Operating Officer, Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.

Cody Pike, Ferris Coffee
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