What makes SalesPad tick?

Our values align with our mission to radically improve distribution operations. They support our culture and serve as a declaration of how we treat each other, our customers, and our partners.

These values allow us to experiment courageously in our work, while staying true to who we are as an organization. We want to be the best in our field, and that means having the best people. Our values embody what we believe is necessary to unify our people and produce incredible work.

SalesPad Building

1. We Put Our People First

We owe it to our people to prepare them for success through our onboarding, training, development, and clarity of expectations for the role. By placing employees first, we will instill excellence in the individuals who are bringing value to our customers. We will have a culture based on developing our employees, fostering teamwork, and collaborating with trust and mutual respect.

Core Value Accountability

2. We Hold Each Other Accountable to the Highest Standards

Our ability to succeed is dramatically enhanced when we insist on high standards from each other. We follow the saying, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” We value every role as important to our success, or we wouldn’t have it. We celebrate our successes, large and small.

Core Value Speak Straight

3. We Confront the Brutal Facts and Speak Straight

We confront issues directly and quickly by speaking straight. Speaking straight takes courage. We vigorously debate issues, not for fun, but because we care about the company and its customers and we want to win. We want every potential obstacle to be confronted. Anything less is unacceptable and has the potential to hold the company back. Organization structure should not create barriers to effective and necessary communication in all directions.

Core Value Connect to our Why

4. We Connect to Our Why

We believe in making distribution operations radically better! This is what brings us together to create enormous and measurable value for our customers. Every employee should be able to recite our Why and be a company ambassador. Our messaging to the market will be as powerful as our technology. We understand that being bold in our messaging is not about bragging, but about making sure every company that can benefit from our technology hears our message.

Core Value Customer Success

5. We are Obsessed with Our Customers’ Success

We strive to deeply understand our customers’ business goals and desired outcomes in order to create exceptional value and meet or beat expectations every time. Our organization, processes, and people are wired to deliver great value to customers in every interaction. We advise and guide our customers to greater success than they envision.

Core Value Innovators

6. We are Innovators

We were founded on powerful, purpose-built technology that is integral to our customers’ businesses. We will continue to innovate at a rate that not only protects our competitive position but enables us to serve every potential customer that can benefit from what we have to offer. In pursuing our aspirations, we must be courageous, move quickly, and be unafraid to fail once in a while, learning from our experiences when we do.

Core Value Data Driven

7. We are Focused, Decisive and Data-Driven

To achieve significant goals, we must be laser-focused on what we can be the best at in the world. We dig deep and insist that data, not emotions, fuel and support our decision-making.

Core Value Relentless

8. We are Relentless about Improvement

If there is a better, faster, more frugal way to do something, we will find it. Like we espouse with our customers, we seek to eliminate any and all forms of waste in SalesPad’s operations — a.k.a., we walk our talk. Resourcefulness is a virtue. We embrace and encourage curiosity, and ask “why” of everything we do in order to get to the essential elements. We embrace large and small gains.

SalesPad in a snapshot

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110+ Employees
15,000 SalesPad Users
15,000 Users
1,200 Companies use SalesPad
1,200 Companies
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30,000 sq. ft. Headquarters
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Located in Grand Rapids
SalesPad is involved in the community through many different local charities
Involved in the Community

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