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Get product to your customers
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From the loading dock to the front door, take complete control. Dynamic route planning helps you optimize driver schedules and accelerate performance. Seamless tracking makes quick work of on-the-road status updates. Realize fast, accurate, reliable shipping, even during the busiest times of the year.

Save Time and Paperwork With Automatic Shipping-Label Printing

Don’t wait on paperwork if an order is ready to ship — create rules in your shipping workflow to trigger label printing automatically when an order is packed and ready to go. No need to switch software or go data-hunting; automation handles it all.

Shipping Schedules to Grow Your Business

Integrated with order workflow, scheduling is simple using the Dispatch module. Combine routes to save time, or edit them on the fly as changes arise in your busy shipping timeline. Once you’ve refined them, store routes and use them as templates for future journeys, saving you from starting from scratch.

Find the Fastest Shipping Routes Every Time

Updating and altering routes is as easy as a few clicks — keeping you flexible even when orders have already left the building. Add stops, change routes, and incorporate returns into your master shipping agenda, while real-time updates sent to driver’s mobile devices keep everyone on the same page.

Choose the Right Carrier for Every Job

Select the right shipping carrier every time by choosing from our long list of supported LTL carriers. With the help of our Pacejet integration, quickly compare carrier rates to get the right price and speed for your packages every time.

Pain-point Free Package Preparation

Easily weigh packages with USB-connected scales, and track package dimensions and weight from within ShipCenter. Round out your packing process with the option of adding custom fields that can be duplicated and used for quick future reference.

Ensure Every Shipment Reaches Its Destination

Drivers’ delivery confirmations are shared automatically, both to your internal system and to the customer. Keep everyone on schedule while enjoying peace of mind, and guarantee customer satisfaction with shipping times they can count on.

Regal Fabrics

“One problem SalesPad has helped solve is just speed to
give answers to customers. When customers needed answers
before about deliveries … if it had already shipped, our
customer service people had to check in many different
places. With SalesPad, the information is all together,
so they can give quick answers.”

Steve Kahan
President of Regal Fabrics

SalesPad Testimonial

“ShipCenter’s great. It works hand-in-hand with SalesPad. Once
I have the order fulfilled, I can print the label within 25 seconds.
Simply scan the document, enter in shipment information, package
template, weight. It’s as easy as that.”

Nick Padgitt
Order Fulfillment Manager at The Handi-Craft Company®

Picnic Time Testimonial

“It’s a fully automated system. Orders will not make it
out to the shipping department if [the order] comes from
an incorrect ship-to address, so it prevents us from having
issues from the beginning.”

Bonnie Tallada
EDI Coordinator at Picnic Time Family of Brands®

Dispatch Operations
Fact Sheet


Manage and monitor driving routes without delays. Create, assign, and track routes for drivers and vehicles, and use the Dispatch monitor to track location and arrival times to share with your customers. Check-in and check-out functions update route stop statuses from the field. Intuitive and accessible from both your computer and your mobile device, Dispatch simplifies coordinating an efficient trucking schedule.
Shipping Made Simple
Fact Sheet

Ship Center

Increase accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations with an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for carrier-specific software like UPS Worldship® or FedEx Ship Manager®. Calculate return rates and issue tracking numbers reliably in real time.
National Band Saw Case Study
Case Study

National Band Saw

To achieve a workflow customized to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes, National Band Saw found that SalesPad’s shipping module helped streamline its existing processes, fulfilling more orders on a daily basis than the company ever had before.
distribution software
Case Study

TKO Electronics

To deliver on its company promise of same-day shipping, TKO Electronics needed a solution that eliminated the stops and starts of its shipping process. Some well-placed automation helped it quickly collect all purchase order data to be sent to vendors within a matter of minutes.

The Pros and Cons of Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping can be a great tactic for alleviating operational stress on your own warehouse, but it’s not right for every situation. Dig into our blog post on the definitive dos and don’ts of drop-shipping.
shipping pain points

The distributor’s guide to overcoming shipping pain points

Distributors are only as successful as their shipping processes — it may only be one step in your workflow, but it influences every part of your order-to-cash cycle. Check out our blog post for advice on how to decrease spending while boosting your order visibility.

Deliver Customer Satisfaction With Every Shipment

Boost your shipping performance with these high-powered integrations

inventory software


Say goodbye to manually managing shipping concerns and tasks — with Pacejet, that all happens automatically while you’re hard at work scaling your business.

Keep eyes on every shipment.

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