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Instant Access to Critical Data

SalesPad Boost provides free, easy access and visibility to information that was previously challenging for Dynamics GP users to tap into. With Boost, users can quickly search for customers, review their sales documents, and review the items they have purchased in the past. Quick access to this information allows users to increase productivity by reducing those annoying and inherent Dynamics GP system constraints.

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Your Dynamics GP data wants a taste of that sweet, sweet freedom.

Break those virtual shackles and bring your data into the light.

Easy Installation

Quick and painless installation. No special setup or implementation required. Sweet, simple, and satisfying.

Customer Search

Search for specific data regarding your customers in one simple field.

Sales Documents

Easily search for any open sales documents. Get a view into document type, date, batch, total, and much more.

Customer Item History

Search your customers’ item history in a matter of seconds. See who orders the most, and see which items are the most popular.

Customer Contact Address

Need a customer’s address? Just search for that customer to reveal all of their contact information, including shipping and billing addresses.

Reliable Security

Employees’ Dynamics GP security credentials apply to Boost. No need to worry about users seeing information they shouldn’t — important information remains confidential.

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