News release: SalesPad recognizes outstanding customers at PANELS awards ceremony

August 20, 2018

Individuals from Sun Bum, BlenderBottle and Chadwell Supply honored for commitment to customer service and taking growth to the next level

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – SalesPad today announced the recipients of its annual customer awards, who were recognized during the company’s annual conference, PANELS, kickoff party at the Intersection on Monday, Aug. 6.

“These awards recognize customers who are leading the way in their industries and using SalesPad’s tools to help them grow,” SalesPad Director of Marketing Adam Clarke said. “We are proud to celebrate our customers’ successes and honor those who are going above and beyond to grow their companies.”

In its second year, SalesPad’s customer awards recognize individuals and companies who help SalesPad improve and grow, while working hard to grow their own companies.

“Our customers are truly the foundation of our success and the reason why we continue to grow today,” Clarke added . “Customer feedback drives SalesPad’s innovation and new features, which is why it’s important to recognize our customers who help us do this important work.”

SalesPad presented three different awards to customers: The Team Player, The Legacy and The Guru. This year’s winners and award descriptions are below.

The Team Player Award: Rebecca Jensen, BlenderBottle

The Team Player Award is presented to someone who was selected with insight from multiple departments because they are a fantastic client to work with. This individual is also recognized for having a positive attitude and taking a team approach to solving problems.

Rebecca Jensen, Processing Manager at BlenderBottle, was recognized for her strong desire to learn how to integrate SalesPad into BlenderBottle’s business processes, as well as being available to answer questions from other customers or prospective clients.


The Legacy Award: Chadwell Supply

The Legacy Award is presented to a company that has built something truly inspiring, and has seen its dreams become a reality because of its leaders’ dedication to growth. It also recognizes impressive growth in a company that has used SalesPad as a long-term solution.

Chadwell Supply, a supplier of maintenance, repair, and operations products for multifamily and apartment complex maintenance, was recognized for its long-term relationship with SalesPad. Chadwell Supply has leveraged SalesPad over the last decade to streamline its operations and scale the platform to meet the needs of its growing business.


The Guru Award: Sue Fletcher, Sun Bum

The Guru Award goes to a client who truly pushes SalesPad to the limit and leverages all the different features SalesPad has to offer. This individual is always looking for new and creative ways to utilize the software to improve their business.

Sue Fletcher, Service Experience Manager at Sun Bum, was recognized for her advanced knowledge of several of SalesPad’s products, including SalesPad Desktop and SalesPad Mobile. Fletcher was recognized for her commitment to learning the ins and outs of SalesPad’s software, using SalesPad’s support team to its full potential and for being a resourceful customer, making SalesPad even better.

PANELS is SalesPad’s annual conference that attracts hundreds of manufacturing, distribution and warehousing professionals from across the country. The three-day conference took place Aug. 6-8 in downtown Grand Rapids and featured experts from AppleSteelcase, DisherThe Right Place and others, as well as Sheryl Connelly, the in-house futurist for Ford Motor Co., as the keynote speaker.

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  The Team Player Award: Rebecca Jensen, BlenderBottle


The Legacy Award: Chadwell Supply


The Guru Award: Sue Fletcher, Sun Bum

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