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The SalesPad Desktop Webinar Series offers viewers a chance to learn, listen, and interact live. Tune in as one of our SalesPad Desktop aficionados discusses relevant topics about our product suite in real time. Webinars also provide with you an opportunity to chat and discuss during the live stream.

Be sure to register for upcoming webinars, and check back regularly to catch up on anything you might have missed.

Webinar Schedule

Smarter, Faster Manufacturing

This is a must-watch for any company interested in an intuitive and powerful manufacturing software solution. Our resident product expert and sick beats machine Matt Greyerbiehl will guide you through the ins and outs of manufacturing with SalesPad Desktop. Some of the highlights will include tips on how to:

  • Save time by efficiently generating linked manufacturing orders via the sales document workflow
  • Accurately configure products and create BOMs with the Sales Line Configurator
  • Leverage BOM user fields in order to track additional quality metrics and product attributes
  • Make BOM and routing changes with just a few clicks through the mass update feature
  • Use BOM audits to track changes over time

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