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The SalesPad Desktop Webinar Series offers viewers a chance to learn, listen, and interact live. Tune in as one of our SalesPad Desktop aficionados discusses relevant topics about our product suite in real time. Webinars also provide with you an opportunity to chat and discuss during the live stream.

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Case Tracker: The CSR’s Best Friend

Please join us as resident product expert Matt Greyerbiehl demonstrates how SalesPad Desktop’s Case Tracker module can easily track and resolve customer-related issues, initiate returns and replacements for damaged goods, track case notes, interactions, and attachments, and more.

Cases can be customer or customer order specific and assigned to specific resolution teams. Issues, causes, and resolutions for cases are pre-defined by you, allowing you to create a case-tracking system that drives continuous improvement for your business. Don’t miss out on all that Case Tracker has to offer — sign up today!

Wednesday, January 23 | 1:00 PM ET

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