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The Handi-Craft Company

In order to maintain their momentum and chart a path towards sustainable growth, The Handi-Craft Company needed a way to address the interface issues inherent in Dynamics GP. And if that ERP solution came with additional functionality and a whole range of tools that complemented Dynamics GP’s strengths? Well, that would just be icing on the cake.

Regal Fabrics

Before Regal Fabrics moved to SalesPad, it struggled with an order processing system that required clicking among multiple different screens, with little to no visibility over its inventory. Now, order processing is free from worries about inventory status.

Hoy Shoe Co

Find out why SalesPad was the answer to Hoy Shoe Co’s® pursuit of perfect customer service.

Picnic Time Family of Brands

Frustrated by its previous software’s lack of flexibility, Picnic Time was in the market for a solution that could keep its order processing moving as the company expanded. SalesPad handled it all and boosted Picnic Time’s selling power with easy-to-use EDI solutions.


To keep up with skyrocketing sales, BlenderBottle needed a software upgrade. Flexibility in a new solution was a must, one that could grow with the company and address its most complicated product customization needs.

Chadwell Supply

As the top supplier of maintenance and flooring products in the United States, Chadwell Supply needed an Operational ERP platform that could handle its growing business of nearly 1,000 orders each day. To handle this volume of incoming orders, Chadwell Supply uses SalesPad Desktop to easily track inventory, customize sales order workflows, and employ various pricing features for their customers.

Plenus Group, Inc.

After massive growth, Plenus Group turned to SalesPad to keep costs low and output levels high. The company was able to close communication gaps that dogged its old ERP solution, paving the way for a seamless order processing workflow.

TKO Electronics

To deliver on its company promise of same-day shipping, TKO Electronics needed a solution that eliminated the stops and starts of its shipping process. Some well-placed automation helped it quickly collect all purchase order data to be sent to vendors within a matter of minutes.

Ohio Power Tool

Ohio Power Tool struggled to find software that could comprehensively handle its multi-faceted business model. To manage inventory and track service projects for customers, the company turned to SalesPad.

National Band Saw

To achieve a workflow customized to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes, National Band Saw found that SalesPad’s shipping module helped streamline its existing processes, fulfilling more orders on a daily basis than the company ever had before.

Key Surgical

Key Surgical has been a long-time user of Dynamics GP, but they were looking for something that offered just a bit more functionality in an organized, efficient manner. Ease of use was of vital importance, and SalesPad Desktop offered customer, performance, and management insights at a granular level, all while eliminating many of the complexities typically associated with order processing.


After acquiring two new entities, SunMed was faced with the challenge of integrating the data from these companies into their existing platform. Each entity would retain its individuality from a branding standpoint, but from the operational side, all three business would share a single entity. SalesPad Desktop helped unify the data and integrated EDI functionality, all while bolstering the strength of Dynamics GP.

Dental City

With a product catalog of over 30,000 items, Dental City knew the old method of hand-writing orders only to have someone enter it into their system later wasn’t a viable solution anymore. It was time to find an Operational ERP that had fast, simple order entry. Using SalesPad Desktop eliminated the need for the order entry team to refer back to the sales team for clarification with an order, saving the company time and keeping orders accurate.

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics needed to update and simplify their setup in order to reduce order entry time and better handle their unique special pricing needs. SalesPad Desktop made order entry a breeze, and provided increased functionality to better assist their sales and customer service reps. Using SalesPad Desktop also allowed Aubrey Organics to reduce their GP user count by nine, offering significant cost savings.

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