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The Handi-Craft Company

In order to maintain their momentum and chart a path towards sustainable growth, The Handi-Craft Company needed a way to address the interface issues inherent in Dynamics GP. And if that ERP solution came with additional functionality and a whole range of tools that complemented Dynamics GP’s strengths? Well, that would just be icing on the cake.

Regal Fabrics

Regal Fabrics, one of the top designers and distributors of fabrics in the country, puts their customers’ needs at the top of their priority list — transforming each relationship into a lasting partnership is the ultimate goal for their company. In pursuit of these and other goals, Regal Fabrics turned to SalesPad Desktop to increase their order capacity, manage customers more efficiently, and keep on top of their inventory data.

Hoy Shoe Co

Hoy Shoe Co has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing sandals for women and children since 1944. A business-to-business company, their flagship product is the Saltwater Sandal, a familiar sight on sun-kissed feet the world over. They’re no stranger to playing with the big kids, either — they’ve been selling shoes to customers such as Nordstrom for over 40 years.

Picnic Time Family of Brands

Shipping more than 120,000 orders a year, Picnic Time Family of Brands needed a platform that could help them put customer service first. SalesPad Desktop enabled their customer service representatives to easily access data pertinent to any customer-related issues they were dealing with, and SalesPad Desktop’s EDI integration and workflow customization helped bring their order processing to the next level.


As a company that experienced rapid growth, BlenderBottle Company needed an Operational ERP platform that could keep up. Frustrated with the lagging, freezing, and data corruption of their old system, they made the change to SalesPad Desktop. In addition to providing a robust system that could keep up with the company’s growth, SalesPad Desktop provided reliability — an essential for an agile business like BlenderBottle Company.

ATS Traffic

By implementing SalesPad Desktop, ATS Traffic has been able to cut costs across multiple fronts. After getting a Business Process Review, they’ve used SalesPad Desktop to establish margin improvements, decrease the license footprint from Dynamics GP, and add to their bottom line. Best of all, with SalesPad Desktop along for the ride, ATS Traffic has been able to cut order processing time nearly in half.

Chadwell Supply

As the top supplier of maintenance and flooring products in the United States, Chadwell Supply needed an Operational ERP platform that could handle its growing business of nearly 1,000 orders each day. To handle this volume of incoming orders, Chadwell Supply uses SalesPad Desktop to easily track inventory, customize sales order workflows, and employ various pricing features for their customers.

Detroit Radiator Co.

Facing the challenges that come with a high-speed business, Detroit Radiator needed a solution that helped manage more than 30,000 customers, 13,000 SKUs, 400+ calls each day, and 8 warehouse locations. SalesPad Desktop gave them the ability to streamline customer engagements, and provided real-time visibility into their inventory lot numbers — something that Dynamics GP just couldn’t deliver.

Plenus Group, Inc.

Before changing up their business recipe by adding SalesPad Desktop, PGI was using an ERP solution so small that the ERP’s corporate address was also the home address of its creator — it had basic but limited functionalities. Rather than wait for the day when their bare-bones ERP solution got in the way of growth, though, PGI took the necessary steps to upgrade their systems before behind left behind by the competition.

TKO Electronics

When TKO Electronics was ready to migrate away from their DOS-based system and onto something a little more modern, they knew they needed a solution that would grow alongside them and support their vast inventory database. Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad Desktop rose to the challenge, giving TKO the momentum they needed to ramp up overall workflow, improve order efficiency, automate processes, and more.

Ohio Power Tool

Ohio Power Tool is a family-owned and operated business based out of Columbus, Ohio. Since 1983, they’ve been hard at work selling, renting, and servicing all major brands of pneumatic tools, electric tools, and hydraulic equipment. They started out as a repair shop, but have since expanded both their services and employee base. In the last eight years, they have grown from around ten employees to 29, and they’re proud of the solid growth they’ve experienced.

National Band Saw

While Dynamics GP is certainly a powerful tool, it’s no secret that the user interface can prove to be a bit challenging. National Band Saw recognized this, and decided they needed a solution that was easier to manage while still offering the same level of flexibility and adaptability. Using SalesPad Desktop, National Band Saw was able to streamline their processes and increase the number of orders fulfilled on a daily basis.

Advanced Turf Solutions

After realizing their need for an Operational ERP solution that could keep up with their company’s rapid growth, Advanced Turf Solutions turned to SalesPad Desktop. Helping support their 20 locations, SalesPad Desktop trimmed the time it took ATS to create new items from 30 minutes down to just 5, minimized new employee training time, and helped increase efficiency by an estimated 100%.

Veterinary Medical Center

When Veterinary Medical Center needed a customized solution for dealing with state and federal government requirements for Veterinary Feed Directives, SalesPad Desktop had the answer. Using a tailored solution developed exclusively for their environment, Veterinary Medical Center saw a 90% increase in efficiency and a 50% reduction in labor costs. It used to take VMC 2-3 days to collect data. Now It takes only 1.5 hours.

Key Surgical

Key Surgical has been a long-time user of Dynamics GP, but they were looking for something that offered just a bit more functionality in an organized, efficient manner. Ease of use was of vital importance, and SalesPad Desktop offered customer, performance, and management insights at a granular level, all while eliminating many of the complexities typically associated with order processing.


After acquiring two new entities, SunMed was faced with the challenge of integrating the data from these companies into their existing platform. Each entity would retain its individuality from a branding standpoint, but from the operational side, all three business would share a single entity. SalesPad Desktop helped unify the data and integrated EDI functionality, all while bolstering the strength of Dynamics GP.

Steiner Tractor Parts

Before using SalesPad Desktop, Steiner Tractor Parts employees wrote phone orders on paper for someone else to enter at a later time. Now, SalesPad Desktop helps cut down on employee training time across multiple departments by being the “one stop shop” for all things order entry and inventory management. Instead of employees learning multiple systems, they only need to learn to use SalesPad Desktop.

Dental City

With a product catalog of over 30,000 items, Dental City knew the old method of hand-writing orders only to have someone enter it into their system later wasn’t a viable solution anymore. It was time to find an Operational ERP that had fast, simple order entry. Using SalesPad Desktop eliminated the need for the order entry team to refer back to the sales team for clarification with an order, saving the company time and keeping orders accurate.

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics needed to update and simplify their setup in order to reduce order entry time and better handle their unique special pricing needs. SalesPad Desktop made order entry a breeze, and provided increased functionality to better assist their sales and customer service reps. Using SalesPad Desktop also allowed Aubrey Organics to reduce their GP user count by nine, offering significant cost savings.

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