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LED Lighting Solutions

As a growing, vibrant company, LED Lighting Solutions needed an ERP solution that would encourage further success for their business — one that would allow them to exercise tight control over their order processing workflows while providing flexibility with location management, along with many other capabilities that proved necessary as they grew. In short, they needed an ERP solution that brought more to the table than the competition. They found all that, and more, with SalesPad Cloud.

Diversity IT

Diversity IT specializes in asset recovery and valuation in the information technology hardware industry. Diversity IT prides itself in not sacrificing speed for quality, or vice versa. When it came time to choose an ERP system, they decided to take a look at SalesPad Cloud and QuickBooks Online as their ERP and accounting solution, as it was an affordable option.

American Storage and Logistics

American Storage and Logistics specializes in new and used material handling equipment. A few years ago, they were operating from an elaborate set of Google Sheets. It took too long to create a quote, tracking purchasing history was next to impossible, and visibility into their pipeline was far from clear. In short, American Storage was overdue for a complete systems overhaul.

Angstrom Supply

Angstrom Supply prides itself on paying attention to the little things. A leading provider of cleanroom products and services, Angstrom Supply offers its customers everything they need to create a highly filtered, controlled environment. When they were struggling to maintain their company’s growth, Angstrom was in the market for an order processing system upgrade.

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