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Shock-proof your procurement.

Replenish inventory at the perfect pace for your distribution business. Avoid costly stock outs or over-purchasing with automated reorder points based on your business’ selling trends. Fine-tune your replenishment strategy so you’re only paying for inventory that will make you money.

Plan Smarter to Save More

Forecast your inventory purchasing with confidence using your historical inventory data. Flexible reporting options give you access to the data you need to make well-informed business decisions. Throw out the “best guesses” approach, and never resort to simply “whatever we did last year.”

Maintain Perfect Inventory Levels

Without a smart restocking schedule, you’re flushing money away by under or over-ordering your stock. Start spending the savvy way by plotting out repeated, reliable reorder points for your inventory. Add automation to reorder points to prevent stockouts from surprising you, even during the busiest times of the year.

Reduce Receiving and Restocking Times

Increase restocking efficiency through consistency by designing clearly defined processes for monitoring and auditing replenishment strategies. Work with your team to create repeatable processes to receive and stock methodically while your inventory counts update automatically.

Strike Better Deals with Vendors

Vendor management and negotiations made simple. Keep track of your vendors just as easily as you keep track of customers. Track spend per vendor, monitor shipments, and keep tabs on any interactions.

Amplify Forecasting Operations

Strategize your replenishment further by integrating with NETSTOCK. Turn historical sales data into well-honed forecasting strategies, and refocus with inventory classification tips, helping you determine which products contribute the most to your bottom line.

Automated POs to Cut Processing Time

Stop wasting time on creating endless purchase orders. Automatically generate and send purchase orders to vendors as sales are entered — no extra clicking necessary. Drop ship, blind ship, or restock your own shelves in seconds.

American Storage & Logistics

“We needed to be able to see historical data in order to
inform our purchasing decisions. We actually know what we
sold now, so we can go back and calculate what we need to
purchase to keep a month’s worth of inventory on hand.”

James Wiese, President
American Storage and Logistics

LED Lighting Solutions

“SalesPad helps tremendously in keeping track of where your
inventory is, what’s going on with it, and also what’s on order.
It allows you to quote those items so that you know what demand
is going to be for inventory items in the future.”

Dennis Hands, CEO
LED Lighting

Key Surgical

“Our marketing department uses the data they access through
SalesPad to monitor sales and trends, for instance, to assist
in developing advertising and track how a given product is
selling in certain geographies. Getting such a granular view
of our customers was possible with GP, but SalesPad makes it
so much easier.”

Ralph Herda, CFO
Key Surgical

American Storage and Logistics
Case Study

American Storage and Logistics

American Storage and Logistics specializes in new and used material handling equipment. A few years ago, they were operating from an elaborate set of Google Sheets. It took too long to create a quote, tracking purchasing history was next to impossible, and visibility into their pipeline was far from clear. In short, American Storage was overdue for a complete systems overhaul.
Automation Agent, SalesPad
Fact Sheet

Automation Agent

Increased efficiency without extra effort. Speed up your company’s operations with a tool that pushes the start button for you. Set up your workflow, then schedule certain tasks to trigger automatically when the previous step has been completed. Set it and forget it, freeing up your time by leaving tedious, manual processes in the past.
warehouse hallway

Why Inventory History Matters

Your past sales are the key to your future. Unlock the many benefits of accessible inventory history, including keeping your warehouse stocked to meet demand, even in uncertain times.

Upgrade your inventory insights

Maximize your restocking strategy with input from the experts

improved distribution


Curate smarter, data-driven restocking strategies and avoid inventory surprises or stockouts with this inventory management software designed to help you forecast.

Reimagine your replenishment

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