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Operational ERP Track:

Sell Through vs. Sell In: The Next Step in Supply Chain Management

Steve Johandes, founder of 100X, and Jim Mallekoote, former Apple global sales strategist, will collaborate on 70 years of entrepreneurial experience to discuss world-class ways of looking at your supply chain. Growth in the supply chain does not mean just getting bigger — it means maturing for the purpose of being able to rapidly adapt to changing customer and consumer needs. This is even more important in today’s omnichannel manufacturing and business world.

How Do I?

Be sure to stay after “Sell Through vs Sell In: The Next Step in Supply Chain Management” for this additional workshop where Steve Johandes, founder of 100X, and Jim Mallekoote, former Apple global sales strategist, will take on an issue specific to your job role to reveal how to solve it. This is an interactive session that will reshape your thought process on how to overcome some of your biggest challenges. Steve and Jim will bring their supply chain expertise from startups to multi-billion-dollar companies with fun and engaging stories and interactions.

Preparing and Recruiting Human Capital in Supply Chain Management

What are firms looking for when they hire entry-level supply chain professionals and how are universities like Michigan State University preparing this talent? This session will also go over some of the transformational issues in supply chain management as technology disruption influences human capital development.

The Marriage of Lean Manufacturing & ERP

This session will cover the Steelcase journey to lean manufacturing. Bob Hendriksen, multi-plant manager at Steelcase, will discuss process flows, process islands, the transition to value streams, new scheduling paradigms, providing real-time feedback loops, and monitoring performance for your business.

Leveraging the Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Network is often an easy and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized manufacturers that need short-term project expertise to address specific business challenges. Learn how to equip yourself with a new ecosystem of manufacturing resources that exist to help Michigan manufacturers grow and succeed in the 21st-century manufacturing environment. Justine Burdette, Vice President of Technical Services at The Right Place and Regional Director at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, will lead this session.

411 on Funding Streams and Involvement in Industry Councils

Employers are struggling to find skilled and qualified talent to meet their expanding business needs. Listen as Joe Thiry and Jerry Hill, Business Solutions Representatives at West Michigan Works!, talk about their commitment to working with employers to address issues with recruitment services, access to training reimbursement grants, and industry collaboration. Learn how collaboration through industry councils effectively address short- and long-term talent shortages and how you can get involved. You’ll also learn about training reimbursement grants. Don’t miss out — the application for Skilled Trades Training Fund is right around the corner.

Business Process Management: A Competitive Edge

In an increasingly complex and changing business world, companies are facing major competitive, technological, and time pressures. It is not unusual to find that current business processes are failing and becoming increasingly irrelevant to customers and internal teams. In this session, Kevin Pinner, DISHER’s Leader of Business Solutions and Manufacturing, will review process mapping tools, explore key principles and concepts for improving processes, and review a business process improvement case study.

What is Postmodern ERP?

Listen as SalesPad takes on the challenge of predicting the future of ERP in this session presented by Jeremy Boogaart, Vice President of Business Development, and Jacob Pegg, Director of Product Development. You’ll learn the definition of postmodern ERP and how it applies to the future of your business.

Connecting the Dots: Students, Experience, and Developing the Skilled Workforce of Your Future

This session will prepare you to identify, select, and guide employees on their path of development to success in your team. In this session, Steve Heethuis, Training Director at NN Mobile Solutions, will share activities to identify talent to connect their experiences and interest to succeed in your operation. Utilizing a variety of development pathways, you can connect the dots for your employee’s future development as well.

How to Leverage a Cloud-based Shipping Network for a Competitive Edge

Bill Knapp from Pacejet Enterprise Shipping Software will explore how modern manufacturing and distribution companies can deploy customized “shipping networks” in order to keep up with the competition in the age of Amazon. This session will explore the concept of creating a combination of freight, parcel, or 3PL shipping carriers that best supports your customer’s needs and differentiates your business.

Use Your Product, Project, and Production Data as a Competitive Weapon

Disrupt or be disrupted. Lagging organizations look at data systems as a necessary evil — IT and production systems are just a cost of getting stuff done. These are the kinds of companies that are being disrupted by those that know that data systems are the key to innovation. Kurt Nahikian, Strategy & Business Designer at CQL, will walk through case studies on companies who leveraged data to change the game and provide a few key steps to do the same for your team.

More sessions to be announced at a later date.

Partner Track:

Co-Marketing with SalesPad

Join us to explore the many options you have to market to your customers and prospects with SalesPad. We’ll discuss not only how we can help, but how you can do it on your own as well.

Sales Certification Prep

Nervous about the sales certification test, or just a bit rusty? Then this session is for you. Find out what you need to know in order to pass the sales certification test for the partner program.

Scripting Best Practices

This session is perfect for technical partners looking to learn more about how scripting could and should be utilized in SalesPad. Our developers will show you some of their tips and tricks for all things scripting.

The Future of SalesPad & ERP

See what SalesPad is doing to keep up with and stay ahead of the technology curve. We’ll discuss our continued commitment to Dynamics GP, plus give you a sneak peak at what’s ahead for us.

What To Expect When Working With the SalesPad Professional Services Team

In this partners-only session, we’ll walk through our typical implementation procedures that have helped us successfully implement SalesPad Desktop with hundreds of businesses. We’ll also discuss best practices for mutual implementations between partners and SalesPad.

Session Topics.

Download the full list of session topics in this easy-to-print PDF.

User, Technical, and Partner Tracks:

Advanced Quick Reporting in SalesPad

Getting your hands on the data that can help mold key business decisions is huge. In this session, we’ll discover how Quick Reports in SalesPad Desktop can be used to make finding the data you’re after simple. You must have previous SQL experience to attend this session.

Advanced Workflow Operations

This session is meant for the workflow warriors looking to get into the finer details. We’ll dive into the nitty gritty details around rules and plugins, then investigate specific scenarios where workflow can help smooth out a variety of issues. You must have previous workflow experience to attend this session.

Building Dashboards in SalesPad Desktop

You like graphs, pie charts, gauges, and pivot tables, right? Well, they’re more than pretty pictures. Follow along as one of our consultants shows you how you can build these on your own to get all the data you need for key decision making in your business. Disclaimer: SQL knowledge is helpful, but not required.

Business Process Reviews: The What, the How, and the Why

Ever wondered if you could be doing more with the software you already own, or if a customization could improve your process? Learn the five reasons why a full business process review could help your company take the next step in productivity. This session will be lead by a SalesPad Business Analyst.

Configurator Deep Dive

If you’re a company that makes your product to order, join this session! We’ll be discussing the benefits of using the SalesPad Configurator for your customizable made-to-order products.

CRM in SalesPad

If you’re in the market for a better way to manage and engage prospects and customers, we’ve got the session for you. Follow along as we walk you through SalesPad Desktop’s CRM functionality.

DataCollection Overview

Looking to improve your warehouse operations? Look no further. We’ll guide you through the major factors to consider before implementing any warehouse management system.

Dispatch & Route Sales

Plan routes, check in and out of stops, prioritize the day, and more. Join us as we take a look at how the Dispatch module in both SalesPad Desktop and SalesPad Mobile can revitalize your trucking operations.

Essential Tips & Tricks in SalesPad

Think you know all there is to know about SalesPad Desktop? Maybe you do…but maybe you don’t. Test your knowledge while also learning additional timesaving and must-know tips and tricks!

Getting the Most out of SalesPad Support

Listen in as members of our exceptional Support Team give you some tips and tricks on best practices for utilizing their services, ensuring that you get the best experience and the quickest answers possible.

How to Get More out of SalesPad

Whether you’ve recently gone live with SalesPad or you just think you could be getting more out of our software, this session is for you. We will discuss underutilized tools and functions in SalesPad with specific items and the most effective time to use them. One of the highlighted features will be Case Tracker.

Integrations Available for SalesPad

Did you know SalesPad offers integrations with other software vendors? Follow along to find out if we offer any integrations that could benefit your business now or in the future.

Intro to Workflow in SalesPad

New to SalesPad or just never had a chance to implement workflow? Here’s your chance! This introductory session will cover the basics of workflow and show you how to use it to help eliminate bottlenecks in your operations and expedite order processing.

Is Enhancement Worthwhile?

Not sure paying for enhancement is worth it? (It is.) This session will walk through why paying for enhancement greatly enriches the product you use every day and creates a better experience for you as a customer.

Making the Switch to PayFabric

This session is a must for existing CardControl users. You’ll learn the benefits of switching over to PayFabric for your credit card processing needs within SalesPad Desktop, and we’ll cover what you need to know and prepare for before making the big switch.

Manufacturing Deep Dive

Follow along for a more technical look at SalesPad Desktop’s integration to the Dynamics GP Manufacturing module. Key topics discussed will include MO creation through workflow, manufacturing BOM setup and use, use cases for the module, and much more.

New Features in SalesPad

This fast-paced session gives you the lowdown on all the newest features released in all of SalesPad’s products over the past year. Don’t blink or you might miss one.

Order Optimization

This popular session is great for both everyday users and those with a bit more technical aptitude. Check out all the ways SalesPad Desktop can handle entering line items on a quote, order, or invoice, including matrix-style entry, item options, configurable items, auto convert of non-inventory items, and several more options.

Payments in SalesPad

No matter how many credit card sales your business deals with, this session is for you. You’ll get the lowdown on how both SalesPad Desktop and SalesPad Mobile can take the stress out of credit card transactions.

Pricing in SalesPad

Pricing is one of those topics unique to every business. Luckily, SalesPad Desktop has varied pricing options available for even the most complex scenarios. Take a look at group and special pricing, sales line promotions, aggregate pricing, discounts, and other pricing tools.

Purchasing Tools in SalesPad Desktop

This session is perfect for anyone who makes purchases on behalf of their company. In this user-focused demonstration, you’ll learn how to get the most out of the purchasing tools in SalesPad Desktop.

Report Designer Deep Dive

Another PANELS mainstay, this session will cover the ins and outs of the SalesPad Report Designer. If you’re looking to learn how to create and modify your own printed forms, you don’t miss out on this one!

SalesPad API Overview

In this popular session, SalesPad developers lead a deep dive into the Desktop API and explore the wide-ranging ways in which it can be utilized. Get your API questions answered (and maybe have your mind blown) here.

SalesPad Customer Showcase

Ever wonder how other businesses use SalesPad? Hear firsthand from fellow SalesPad Desktop users about how they use our tools to help keep their businesses running smoothly.

SalesPad EDI Overview

If you haven’t already, now is the time to check out SalesPad Desktop’s integration with SPS Commerce for EDI. See how to greatly improve EDI processes through SalesPad Desktop’s powerful workflow functions as you seamlessly send EDI documents into your system and out to trading partners.

SalesPad in the Field

Check out how SalesPad products can be utilized in a service-oriented business. We’ll dive into topics such as managing outbound equipment, rental contracts, work order management, and utilizing SalesPad products for field service technicians.

SalesPad Mobile Overview

SalesPad Mobile provides service technicians, salespeople, delivery drivers, and more with the power of SalesPad Desktop in their pocket. Learn the key features and best ways to use SalesPad Mobile.

SalesPad Suite General Overview

Looking to learn more about what SalesPad offers? In this session, we will give you a high-level overview of all of the SalesPad products (not including SalesPad Desktop). Learn about our add-on apps, our mobile solutions, and more.

SalesPad WebPortal Overview

Get a firsthand look at the WebPortal, SalesPad’s B2B web application. We’ll walk you through a high-level demo, provide insights into potential use cases, and answer any questions you might have.

ShipCenter Overview

During this full walkthrough, you get a look at how ShipCenter interacts with other SalesPad products, plus learn more about general shipping practices.

Troubleshooting in SalesPad

What better way to learn how to troubleshoot your software than to get some tips from the people that troubleshoot it every day? Join this session to get some inside tips on how we diagnose and solve everyday issues.

*Sessions are subject to change at any point based on SalesPad’s discretion.

Featured Panel Discussions

These panel-style sessions will focus on a variety of topics during a live discussion between leaders in the industry. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions and learn from experts working on the front lines. Different from the classroom style sessions, these panels will allow you to interact directly with the panelists.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice from Daily Users

Management Strategies from Technical Users/System Administrators

Software Customization Stories from SalesPad Users

Download the full list of session topics.

See everything you’ll learn at PANELS in one easy-to-print PDF.


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