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After listening to feedback from past attendees, we have adjusted the schedule so you can get the most out of your PANELS experience. Registration and networking for all attendees will begin at 7:30 AM on Monday morning, and the keynote will be delivered during breakfast.

August 5

7:30 AM: Registration/Networking

8:00 AM: Breakfast

9:00 AM: Opening Session

Noon: Lunch

1:00 PM: Keynote

2:30 PM: General Sessions

6:30 PM: Opening Night Party

August 6

9:00 AM: Welcome/Breakfast

10:00 AM: Sessions

11:45 AM: Lunch

12:45 PM: Sessions

6:00 PM: Dinner with the Devs

August 7

8:00 AM: Welcome/Breakfast

9:00 AM: Sessions

11:30 AM: Lunch

12:30 PM: Sessions

2:30 PM: End of Event

For a more detailed outline of the schedule (including specific session times, content covered, speakers, and locations), download the PANELS app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Below you will find a list of some of the sessions that will be offered at the 2019 PANELS Conference. There will be more additions of sessions as we get closer to the conference so be sure to check back for the latest.

A Journey through Returns

Find the best way to take care of all things return-related for your business. Learn when and why to use specific return methods, the requirements for using them, and what you have to gain from implementing a clearly defined return process.

A Primer to Pricing

Configuring pricing structures can feel like fighting an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to. This introductory session will cover the basics of SalesPad Desktop’s multiple pricing options. We’ll cover pricing priorities, and discuss when to use specific pricing options.

Achieve More with SalesPad

Harness the power of the underutilized tools SalesPad Desktop has to offer, and see how you can get more out of what you already have. This is the perfect session for those that have recently completed their “go live,” or for those looking to expand SalesPad knowledge and become power users.

Advanced Workflow Excursion

This session is for brave workflow adventurers interested in going deeper into SalesPad’s capabilities. We’ll dive into the details around rules and plugins, then investigate specific scenarios where workflow can help smooth out a variety of issues. You must have previous workflow experience to attend this session.

API Exploration

Set forth with SalesPad developers as they lead an excursion into the Salespad Desktop API. Explore the wide-ranging ways in which it can be used, and have all your API-related questions answered here.

Configurator Quest

If you make your product to order, this session is for you! We’ll look at the benefits of using the SalesPad Configurator for your customizable made-to-order products, and how to overcome the challenges faced when creating item variants.

CRM Safari

Don’t let managing your prospects customers leave you feeling stranded. Learning to use SalesPad’s CRM module to the fullest will keep you on top of all those contacts, and will help you engage with your connections and perfectly meet their needs.

Customization Success Stories

Hear from SalesPad customers that have done extensive customizations in SalesPad. This live panel will focus on asking questions about specific customizations they’ve done, managing upgrades with custom work, testing processes, and more.

DataCollection Deep Dive

We’ll take an overview of SalesPad’s DataCollection and dive into some advanced features to showcase how DC enables you and your employees to execute daily inventory transactions with complete mobility.

Dig into Quick Report Editor

Digging up the data that helps drive key business decisions is huge. In this session, we’ll discover how Quick Reports in SalesPad Desktop are used to make finding the data you need simple.

Discovering Dashboards

Delve into graphs, gauges, pie charts, and pivot tables. Follow along as one of our consultants shows you how you can dashboards on your own to leverage the data you need for key decision making in your business. SQL knowledge is helpful, but not required.

Dispatch Expedition

See how Dispatch can be used to plan routes for your drivers, check in and out of stops, prioritize deliveries, optimize routes and more. Join us as we look at how the Dispatch module in both SalesPad Desktop and SalesPad Mobile can revitalize your trucking operations.

End-User Extravaganza

Meant for the everyday user of SalesPad products, this live panel discussion will ask questions of existing customers that cover areas like helpful tips, training strategies, tools they use daily, and how they hold their users accountable and track their efficiency on a daily basis.

Equipment Management Mastery

Dive right in and learn how Equipment Management allows users to track sales and service history for serialized inventory. If you’re selling serialized inventory in any form or working in a service-oriented business, there’s something for you to take home here.

Explore Business Process Reviews

Lead by a SalesPad Business Analyst, this session will answer all your questions on Business Process Reviews. What are the areas of SalesPad you could be using more efficiently to address your pain points? Learn how a BPR leaves you with a tangible plan for taking your business to the next level.

Exploring the Technical Side

See how scripting can be used to further enhancing SalesPad’s capabilities. Perfect for those interested in learning about the power of scripting, this session will overview the different types of scripts, best practices, and how to deal with them using the Script Manager.

Integration Investigation

Why do businesses use integrations in their ERP? What integrations are out there? Investigate the integrations available for SalesPad, and see what the benefits are to having an integration in SalesPad instead of GP.

Inventory Adventure 1: Intake

Inventory intake is a tough course to navigate. What should your receiving look like? What’s your put away process? How do you handle bin transfers? In part one of Inventory Adventure, we’ll design an effective inventory intake process and cover the best practices to help you think through frequently encountered roadblocks.

Inventory Adventure 2: Managing Your Inventory

How do you manage your inventory when it’s already in your warehouse? In part two of Inventory Adventure, you’ll gain valuable insights on warehouse layout, handling multiple warehouses, inventory turnover, and building a strategy for maintaining inventory levels.

Inventory Adventure 3: Fulfillment

We’ve covered intake, we’ve covered inplace — now it’s time to tackle fulfillment. What is your path to accuracy when fulfilling orders? In session three of Inventory Adventure, we’ll cover pick lines, packing, shipping, and review best practices for setting up your business for ideal fulfillment procedures.

Item Variants Voyage

Does your sales process determine what and how you sell? SalesPad offers multiple variants for your item numbers, but what your business does determines which variant you should use. We’ll cover some common scenarios for employing variants, and give best practices for using them to their full potential.

Pilgrimage through Purchasing

Purchasing operations can take up a lot of time, but in SalesPad, they don’t have to. Learn how to effectively use SalesPad’s powerful purchasing tools, whether it’s creating reorder points, automatically generating POS from sales documents, or leveraging the muscle behind the impressive Purchasing Advisor.

Pricing for the Pros

Pricing structures might be unique to every business, but SalesPad Desktop’s pricing versatility can be configured for even the most complex needs. This advanced session will take a detailed look at how SalesPad’s pricing options can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Report Designer Rendezvous

Learn to master SalesPad’s Report Designer! A PANELS classic, this session will cover the ins and outs of creating and modifying printed reports. Use this session to hone your skills on all things report-related and conquer any design challenges you’ve faced in the past.

Retail Readiness

Lay the groundwork for doing business with big box retailers. Learn how to improve EDI processes through SalesPad Desktop’s powerful workflow functions as you seamlessly send EDI documents into your system and out to trading partners.

SalesPad on the Go

Master the key features and best ways to use SalesPad Mobile. SalesPad Mobile provides service technicians, salespeople, delivery drivers, and more with the power of SalesPad Desktop in their pocket.

SalesPad SuperSuite

Watch a live “performance” of a fully functional SalesPad Desktop environment. This session will emulate multiple users in the same system at one time, showcasing several of our products working together. See orders go from concept to completion in a snap, the way business is meant to be.

Searching for System ROI

How do you push SalesPad further? What are the untapped resources at your disposal? When you know your end goal and are ready to push for it, what tools does SalesPad have to help you reach new heights? Find out what your options are for pursuing continuous improvement, and put steps in place to start the journey.

Set Sail with Support

Every adventurer needs a trusty sidekick, and we want to be yours! Members of our Support Team will give you tips and tricks on best practices for using resolving issues, contacting us for help, and ensuring that you get the best experience and the quickest answers possible.

ShipCenter Summit

ShipCenter increases accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations, monitors and manages sales orders, ships products quickly and reliably, and more. In this full product overview, you’ll see how ShipCenter works in tandem with SalesPad desktop, making it a true all-in-one shipping solution.

Taming Your Item Numbers

Do you make or sell one item with multiple different item numbers? How do you keep track of multiple SKUs for the same piece of inventory? In this session, we’ll take a look at all the item aliases SalesPad has to offer, and what it takes to keep them under control.

Technical Trekking

A PANELS panel discussion! Look no further technical attendees and system administrators. We’ll talk to other SalesPad users to see how they manage user requests, plan for upgrades, roll out big changes, and how they measure their utilization of the software. Hear real world stories about how others have seen success with SalesPad.

Tricks of the Trade

This session is chock-full of time-saving tricks and quick-fire tips. Discovering new tips is almost as exciting as seeing the money you’ll save by using them. Learn to supercharge your use of SalesPad Desktop with these simple shortcuts.

Troubleshooting Tour

Learn to troubleshoot from the pros! Join this session to get some inside tips on how we diagnose and solve everyday issues. We’ll cover understanding error messages, diagnosing the scope of issues, and how to be proactive in finding a resolution quickly.

WebPortal Odyssey

Help your customers help themselves with WebPortal, SalesPad’s B2B web application. See how your customers can log into their own accounts and place orders for exactly what they need — right in your system! This high-level demo will provide insights into potential uses cases and answer any questions you might have.

Workflow Wayfaring

Seeking new workflow explorers! If workflow is new to you, or you never had a chance to have it set, you’ll want to attend! This introductory session will cover the basics of workflow and show you how to use it to help eliminate bottlenecks in your operations and expedite order processing.

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