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Payment collection designed
for distributors by distributors.

Drive excellence in your invoicing and collecting processes by eliminating the potential for redundancies or human error. Simplify invoicing with integrated solutions that transform hours of work into only a few clicks. An elegant, distribution-designed solution in place eliminates tedious financial double-work and brings revenues in faster.

Fast-Track Payments, Anywhere

No matter the location or method, process your payments electronically with ease and accuracy. Whether through EMV processing or an online payment gateway, transactions are fully integrated with the help of PayFabric’s PayLink. Access your earnings faster within a single interface.

Fully Integrated Tax Calculation and Reporting

Integrations with tax experts Avalara and Thomson Reuters help you stay on top of your tax obligations by cutting down the complications of PCI compliance.

Invoice Faster Through Automation

Invoices are automatically generated and sent to customers. No need to make a note to remember special conditions or updated addresses — all of that data is already in your invoicing solution. Add batch processing into the mix to flip invoices at top speed, cutting down workloads and freeing up time.

Streamline Refunds for Customer Satisfaction

Wow your customers with excellent customer service, no matter how complicated the refund. By integrating financial data with your order-to-cash management software, past transactions as well as customer payment methods and information are at your fingertips, plus tools that give you options for how to issue the refund. Don’t waste time shuffling through documents — everything you need is accessible from one solution.

Secure Data Environments

Reduce liabilities by moving the point of entry, storage, and transmission of credit card information and other sensitive data to a secured cloud environment. Prevent unauthorized access to data through encryption and tokenization.

Increased Insights With Real-Time Receivable Data

Clean, current data is the best way to accelerate your order-to-cash cycle. Customize your reporting view by time frame, product, or customer. You’ll have full visibility into your ongoing business while you measure profitability by the standards you choose.

Angstrom Testimonial

“One of the features we definitely wanted in our new
system was the ability to split invoices, but a lot
of the systems we evaluated that could do that were
astronomically priced. SalesPad provided a solution
that really met our needs in that way.”

Tyler Hartman
Operations Manager, Angstrom Supply

LED Lighting Solutions

“The financials are all done as [orders] come in. We’re able
to enter the credit cards right in the orders, and everything
gets integrated into our accounting software.”

Dennis Hands
CEO of LED Lighting Solutions

SalesPad Testimonial

“Literally, you just grab your batch and you go on. The really
cool thing is in SalesPad, I can grab one invoice, or I can grab
150 invoices, and they’re all going to flip at one time.”

Gail Perry
Office Manager
The Handi-Craft Company®

Case Study

The Handi-Craft Company

Toy manufacturer-turned-baby product distributor The Handi-Craft Company® moved to SalesPad for its user-friendly interface — but stayed for major efficiency improvements. Faster order processing has kept it lean while growing profits.
GAAP compliance is important for competitive businesses.

Mind the GAAP! What Operations Professionals Should Know About GAAP Compliance

For the thriving, product-centric manufacturing or distribution company, generally accepted accounting principles (or GAAP) are important considerations for you as you look to grow. If your end goal is to sell your company for a tidy profit, or if you’re hoping to attract investors, GAAP compliance is of particular importance. The purpose of GAAP compliance […]

Lower barriers to payment

From tax management to universal payment processing, these integrations make managing money easier.

improve your warehouse

Thomson Reuters

Ensure seamless tax compliance while streamlining data, automating processes, and boosting collaboration between departments.

improved inventory management

Binary Stream

Manage automated billing, intercompany transactions, and more.

improved distribution


From quote to order to invoice, Avalara AvaTax provides real-time sales tax calculations — without the time-consuming effort of updating rate tables, tax schedules, or IDs, and a host of other manual tasks.

improved inventory


Accept secure payments from multiple gateways without having to open a new software, nullifying the risk of losing important transaction data. PayFabric’s integration makes it easy to accept payments via EMV or digital payment gateways, keeping information secure for you and your customer.

inventory management


Process online payments from ecommerce platforms quickly and securely, while funneling sales data directly into your ERP solution.

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