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Our Professional Services team is here to help you get the most out of our software and integrations. Whether you want to revisit topics from your implementation or need a deeper dive into best practices when using SalesPad, we can help.



All the major players will meet and discuss the target timeline, implementation guidelines, your system requirements, and more. The SalesPad implementation consultant will demo some of the key points of the software, including sales transaction entry, process flow, order exceptions, inventory, vendor management, purchase order entry, and more.


During this stage, your SalesPad products will be installed. In addition, SQL database objects will be installed, necessary connections will be created, and security will be configured to meet your unique needs.


The SalesPad team will create your workflow for each of your document types. Once the workflow is completed, we’ll show your team how to move sales documents through the system.


At this stage, we’ll discuss your printed forms and any Quick Reports that you’ll need.


Your SalesPad implementation consultant will train your team to navigate around our software, as well as design and manage sales transactions based on the workflows that were created.


You and your team will independently test your configuration for at least two weeks, so you can be sure that everything is working to your satisfaction.


Your SalesPad implementation consultant will be available to assist you as needed during your go-live date.

Our Implementation Team

Lara Brinkmeye

Lara Brinkmeyer
Implementation Consultant

Lara is a highly experienced consultant who started in SalesPad’s Support department, and she believes in going above and beyond for the customer. Prior to her position at SalesPad, Lara was an interior designer. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior design, as well as an associate’s degree in software development. Dedicated to SalesPad and its success, Lara puts her energy into finding the best and most efficient solutions for the customer. She loves helping others and assists customers and coworkers wherever she can. Off the clock, Lara enjoys many outdoor activities, social events, and live entertainment. 

“Each project is an opportunity to learn and be a part of the customer’s success. SalesPad is constantly evolving — staying on top of our latest features and development changes allows me to offer the customer more options for more efficient processes. It’s an honor to be a part of the success of so many companies, and I look forward to future opportunities with new customers.”

Ron Pickering

Ron Pickering
Implementation Consultant

Ron strives to provide solutions through collaboration and creativity, with a focus on enhancing the client’s business and making life a bit less stressful. Ron believes listening to the customer to understand their business processes, pain points, and goals is the foundation for implementing a system that their associates will want to use.

With his diverse background in engineering, developing, and supporting complex ERP systems in the retail, manufacturing, and defense sectors, Ron brings a lot to SalesPad. He specializes in warehouse management, manufacturing, and distribution, ranging from local, single-location businesses to businesses with a global footprint. All of this takes a lot of brain power, so when Ron is not providing outstanding service, he can be found creating abstract and fine art photography, playing bass (80s rule, dude!) or ruining a perfectly good walk by trying to find his golf ball, which is usually in the sand trap, water hazard, or some critter’s burrow!

Emily Fitzgerald

Emily Fitzgerald
Project Manager

Emily joined SalesPad as a Project Manager who has a wide range of experience in project and account management for both consulting and marketing firms. She’s a proven taskmaster who is passionate about both her clients and her internal team. She will go above and beyond to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget. In addition, she’ll seize any and every opportunity to make her team shine by delivering solutions that help her clients’ businesses run more efficiently. Providing solutions to help conquer day-to-day issues is always a huge win.

Emily prides herself on developing strong relationships with her clients and making them feel like an extension of the SalesPad team. When she’s not at work, she’s home wrangling her chef husband and toddler daughter. She loves a good adventure and enjoys all the seasons Michigan has to offer, but especially Summer.

michael defazio

Kreg Losinski
Implementation Consultant

Kreg graduated from Davenport University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Networking and Network Security. He grew up in a small town in Michigan and moved to Grand Rapids after high school. Kreg ran on the track team in college, where he competed in the 800 meter and even tried the javelin throw.

“I love running outside, playing slow pitch softball, hanging out with friends, and I am a huge movie person — especially in the winter.”

christina swick

Christina Swick
Project Manager

Christina graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering & IT Management from Grand Valley State University, and she obtained her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in 2018. Christina manages solely custom projects (post-implementation) in her capacity at SalesPad.

Christina enjoys dressing up her cat in festive outfits for impromptu photo ops (because her dog won’t let her), acrylic painting, bowling, and going on nature walks.

brandon bollenbach

Brandon Bollenbach
Implementation Consultant

Brandon hails from Muskegon, MI, but has lived in Grand Rapids for the past 10 years. He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

He enjoys both drinking and brewing beer, music (his first CD was the Pokemon: The Movie soundtrack), reading, and traveling whenever possible. As a young kid, Brandon’s dream was to be an astronaut, and given the opportunity, he would absolutely take a trip up into outer space.

marlene tate

Marlene Tate
EDI Implementation Consultant

Marlene is SalesPad’s resident EDI expert. She attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, where she met her husband of 21 years. Together, she and her husband have one son, who is currently a student at Kendall College of Art & Design here in Grand Rapids.

Marlene is very active in her church, where she has been the President of Membership Management for the past ten years. In her spare time, she likes to entertain and host social gatherings for family and friends. Her favorite vacation spot is anywhere in the Carribean.

carina vandermeer

Carina VanderMeer
Project Manager

After leaving California to attend college in Grand Rapids, Carina has worked in the Design and Insurance industries before joining the SalesPad team. Carina thrives as a Project Manager and enjoys tackling the challenges that come with the position.

In her spare time, Carina loves spending time with her husband and son. As a family, they enjoy exploring Michigan and cooking challenging new recipes for friends. Whenever possible, Carina makes the trek back home to California to visit family and friends.

michael defazio

Michael DeFazio
Implementation Consultant

Michael hails from Rochester, New York, but has lived in Grand Rapids, MI, for the last 14 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Michael’s hobbies include amateur photography and hunting for various collectibles, and he’s a big fan of good movies, cool cars, and quality watches. If he could learn any skill instantly, it would be how to shred on the guitar, and if he had to choose one food to eat for the rest of his life, it would be pizza — but the good, mom-and-pop shop kind.

sam griswold

Sam Griswold
Implementation Consultant

Sam is a Grand Rapids man through-and-through — he was born and raised here, attended Grand Rapids Community College, and currently resides slightly north of the city. He’s engaged to his high school sweetheart, and their wedding is scheduled for Fall of 2019!

“I love to experience and try different Michigan breweries and Michigan craft beer. When I’m not working, I like to head to Northern Michigan and spend some quality time outdoors. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, spending time on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, and hosting gatherings of friends. Oh, and I’m a die-hard University of Michigan fan — go blue!”

sarah massirio

Sarah Massirio
Project Manager

Following graduation from Grand Valley State University and a spattering of hospitality jobs, Sarah found her way to SalesPad as an Administrative Assistant. She took a break from SalesPad to complete a seven-month contract teaching English in France. When she returned to the United States, she made her way back to SalesPad as a Project Manager. Her Professional Services teammates are what she loves most about working at SalesPad.

When not in the office, Sarah enjoys baking (especially macarons), reading, singing along to her favorite musicals, playing Magic: The Gathering, and riding her bike. Sarah loves traveling and takes advantage of any opportunity to explore new places.

emily cefaratti

Emily Cefaratti
Project Manager

No one appreciates a good cheeseburger more than Emily. A Chicago native, Emily got her degree in English Literature from Calvin College here in Grand Rapids. While attending Calvin, Emily played midfield for their women’s lacrosse team. She played in various positions, but primarily midfield, and she dares you to try and out-maneuver her on the field.

Emily loves to read (her favorite book is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), fly fish, and spend time in the great outdoors. She has watched the entire run of Grey’s Anatomy three times, can throw down movie quotes with the best of them, and her dream entourage consists of Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, and Dwight Schrute.


Megan De Frietas
Professional Services Manager

Megan grew up in Otsego, Michigan (otherwise known as Small Town USA). She attended Central Michigan University and has worked at SalesPad for eight years. Before landing at SalesPad, Megan worked in childcare administration. She’s passionate about helping people make the most of their business processes, and about creating the right team to get the job done well.

The mother of two curly-haired daughters, Megan loves Michigan summers and all of the fun times they bring. Not embarrassed to sing along with the Spice Girls, Megan’s favorite movie is A League of Their Own, and her best childhood Halloween costume was Marge Simpson — towering beehive of blue cotton balls and all.

kevin albee

Kevin Albee
Implementation Consultant

Before working at SalesPad, Kevin was a Technical Support Analyst at a manufacturing company. Over the course of his four years there, he worked with department leaders to help develop and implement new processes within their ERP solution, which gave him a strong understanding of a wide variety of manufacturing processes. One of Kevin’s newer hobbies is learning how to write and record music; he also helps moderate a Reddit music forum that sees roughly 40,000 unique visitors each month.

“I really enjoy making connections with people and helping out with projects that will have a noticeably positive impact on a company’s performance. Working with a wide array of tasks and customers on challenging projects gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, and that’s a high priority for me.”

Bryan Mulder

Bryan Mulder
Implementation Consultant

Bryan graduated with a BBA in Finance from Grand Valley State University, but he also attended both Hope College and Davenport University, where he played on their soccer teams. Before coming to SalesPad, he worked as an IT Manager with Manufacturers Supply Company/Fastenal. Bryan thoroughly enjoys working with business users to improve processes and remove pain points in a systematic fashion. 

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Bryan currently resides in Byron Center with his wife and four children. When he manages to find some free time, he enjoys a good barrel-aged beer, music, or anything outdoorsy from the beach to the back yard. He loves competing in any type of sport or game, but fair warning — he plays to win.

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