Save time and money from Order-to-Cash.

Welcome to a new level of efficiency and earning power. No distribution operation is without its pain points — whether that’s your order processing speed, a lack of visibility over your workflow, or just missing out on potential for profit. Upgrade your entire Order-to-Cash cycle with business software that’s designed by distributors for distributors.

From selling to shipping, inventory management to invoicing, get better insight into the health of your company, powered by automated workflows. Realize the full potential of your distribution company by weeding out areas of inefficiency and replacing them with industry-tested solutions that won’t just save you money — they’ll help you make it.

On-Premises and Cloud Solutions

Whether you’re looking to extend the life of your Microsoft Dynamics GP license or need a clear path on your way to the cloud, SalesPad streamlines your business operations to save time and money at every turn. Our passion for distribution and technology makes SalesPad the No. 1 choice to support your ERP journey.

Distribution is in Our DNA

Seventeen years ago, a distributor and software engineer created SalesPad to overcome the rigidity of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Since then, our software has continued to evolve as we address pain points we hear first-hand from distribution professionals around the world. We’re immersed in the ins and outs of this industry, always evolving to help you outpace the competition.

Manage Sales and CRM Seamlessly

Set the stage for order-to-cash success with streamlined, user-friendly selling processes. Balance multi-channel sales without drowning in data. Easy customer and item look-up keeps order entries efficient and sales records 100% reliable. No need to compare notes or hop in and out of different softwares — we’ve made collecting and managing your sales data powerfully simple.

Never Miss a Beat With Inventory

You make the rules, and your inventory follows them. Integrating your selling, reordering, shipping, and invoicing processes with your warehouse management system eliminates uncertainty about the state of your stock. Track every item you sell, and keep orders moving with automated workflow processes and barcoding tools that cut human error out of the equation.

Restocking Without Guesswork

Get ahead of your operations with forecasting methods you can count on, based on your customer’s purchasing trends. Easily track previous vendors and historical sales data to make reordering precise and proactive — no more stock outs, no more ordering stock that doesn’t turn over. Your replenishment strategy will save your bottom line from waste.

Ship Accurately and With Confidence

Automate shipping processes, and watch customer satisfaction rates soar. Each order includes up-to-date, accurate data pulled from your sales orders, without human intervention. SalesPad’s Dispatch monitor provides full visibility into every order on the road. Track shipments from loading dock to doorstep, and modify driving routes and returns dynamically.

Collect Payments Faster

Round out your order-to-cash cycle with collecting processes that integrate directly with your accounting software. Batch processing streamlines invoicing, no matter the volume of orders and customers. Stay PCI compliant with impeccable record keeping, and use your historical sales visibility to reach new heights with your reporting.

Find New Insights in Your Data

Upgrade your reporting strategy and gain new insights into your company’s performance on macro and micro scales. Dashboard reports can display data for the entire operation or identify which products are contributing the most to your bottom line. More than 40 pre-programmed, customizable reports will help you make informed business decisions, based on data you can trust.

National Band Saw

“SalesPad allows us to facilitate growth, and it helps us
make projections as we plan out the future of our company.
It improved our ability to function just dramatically.”

Harley Frank
President and CEO, National Band Saw

Regal Fabrics

“SalesPad really is a game changer. For a relatively small
percentage of the overall cost of the system, it gives us a much
better user interface and access to our data. The data was always
there before we had SalesPad, but now we can really interact with
the data much more directly and more efficiently.”

Steve Kahan
President, Regal Fabrics

Picnic Time Testimonial

“I always tell all of our team members here at Picnic
Time, there’s no such thing as ‘It doesn’t do that.’
SalesPad is very flexible. We were able to go to SalesPad
and say, ‘Here’s what we want and why we want it. Can
you do that for us?’ And they’re very quick to come
back and say, ‘Yeah, we can absolutely do that’.”

Paul Cosaro
Managing Partner, Picnic Time Family of Brands®

Case Study

The Handi-Craft Company

Toy manufacturer-turned-baby product distributor The Handi-Craft Company® moved to SalesPad for its user-friendly interface — but stayed for major efficiency improvements. Faster order processing has kept it lean while growing profits.
BlenderBottle Warehouse SalesPad Customer
Case Study


To keep up with skyrocketing sales, BlenderBottle needed a software upgrade. Flexibility in a new solution was a must, one that could grow with the company and address its most complicated product customization needs.
Case Study

Picnic Time Family of Brands

Frustrated by its previous software’s lack of flexibility, Picnic Time was in the market for a solution that could keep its order processing moving as the company expanded. SalesPad handled it all and boosted Picnic Time’s selling power with easy-to-use EDI solutions.
Crack Down on Waste eBook

Crack Down on Waste with Lean Distribution Processes

Using the principles of Six Sigma, this ebook walks readers through important but often overlooked sources of company waste, then explains how to fix those gaps to keep productivity high and costs low.

Order-to-cash Excellence — What is it?

When we reference the order-to-cash cycle and achieving O2C excellence, what are we talking about? Well, to summarize, we’re talking about how you make money within your distribution business. How do you generate an order, and how is that order fulfilled? What processes do you have in place to manage replenishment? Is your shipping plan […]
Automation Agent, SalesPad
Fact Sheet

Automation Agent

Increased efficiency without extra effort. Speed up your company’s operations with a tool that pushes the start button for you. Set up your workflow, then schedule certain tasks to trigger automatically when the previous step has been completed. Set it and forget it, freeing up your time by leaving tedious, manual processes in the past.
Warehouse Data Collection
Fact Sheet

Data Collection

DataCollection functions as a warehouse management tool and a barcode capturing device, allowing you to pick and pack orders while maintaining perfect visibility over all the comings and goings of your inventory. Eliminate manual processes with room for human error, and get your orders out the door with new confidence and speed.
SalesPad Mobile
Fact Sheet


Access and manage sales, customer, and inventory data while on the go. Bring the full power of SalesPad with you around the warehouse, while on the road, or to your home office. Available for iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile devices.
Dispatch Operations
Fact Sheet


Manage and monitor driving routes without delays. Create, assign, and track routes for drivers and vehicles, and use the Dispatch monitor to track location and arrival times to share with your customers. Check-in and check-out functions update route stop statuses from the field. Intuitive and accessible from both your computer and your mobile device, Dispatch simplifies coordinating an efficient trucking schedule.
Shipping Made Simple
Fact Sheet

Ship Center

Increase accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations with an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for carrier-specific software like UPS Worldship® or FedEx Ship Manager®. Calculate return rates and issue tracking numbers reliably in real time.
Sales Pad Case Tracker
Fact Sheet

Case Tracker

Optimize customer service with quick access to your customer profiles — keep detailed notes on any problems with your important customers, items, sales documents, and more. Don’t make them wait — with CaseTracker, all the detail you need is already collected.

Drive efficiency in every stage of the distribution process.

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