Tim LaDuke


(616) 953-2595

Tim LaDuke is truly passionate about several things: great business processes, repeatability, and problem-solving (Oh, and finding a delicious locally-made burger). Tim’s background gives him a unique perspective for SalesPad’s clients. He has owned his own business and worked in both warehouse and manufacturing settings where he managed inventory and built tooling. Using his past experiences, he is able to leverage his understanding for current day situations. He believes that he can make a great impact for his customers with a little bit of creative thinking and a transparent approach to business. Tim values the relationships that he is able to build with his clients and business partners, and it is through developing relationships where his success stories take place.

“I really enjoy a good, complicated project, and working at SalesPad offers me a lot of those, so I have a lot of fun. Chances are good that if I’m on the phone with you, I’m walking around in big circles.”

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