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Take the headaches out of shipment management.

If you’re looking for a way to increase accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations, monitor and manage sales orders, ship products quickly and reliably, and more, well, you’ve come to the right place. Shipping with SalesPad is a cinch. After shipping with your preferred carrier, shipping information, freight amounts, and tracking information are automatically written to the appropriate fields in the sales documents. Orders are then forwarded in workflow and managed through the invoicing process, and tracking information and/or ASNs can automatically be sent to the customer through email or EDI. With SalesPad’s Shipment Monitor, you always have visibility into both orders that are ready to ship and orders that have left your facility.

Chart a clear path for your outgoing inventory.

Ship’s ahoy!


No need to integrate to middleware programs like UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager. Through ShipCenter and Pacejet, SalesPad communicates directly with the shipping carrier, making it a true all-in-one shipping solution.


Pull in quotes from supported LTL carriers to select from price and speed options for their shipments. Your CSRs can then quote rates directly to the customer and work to choose the carrier that’s best for them.


Create custom packages to add to your shipments, then reuse your templates to make packaging even easier going forward. Track package dimensions, weight, and more with just a few clicks.


Select multiple carriers from SalesPad’s long list of supported carriers. Set them up in your company’s system once (and easily edit them later if need be), then make like a mobster and forget about it.


Use USB scales to quickly weigh your packages. Via ShipCenter and our integration with Pacejet, SalesPad automatically detects several major USB scales, but any USB scale which uses USB HID POS protocol can be configured for use.


Print labels and other documents (either by themselves or in a batch) straight from your shipping screen, or automatically via workflow. SalesPad can print to any printer that Windows recognizes, so there’s no need to switch softwares when it’s time to print.


When paired with SalesPad Desktop, ShipCenter uses powerful workflows to keep an order moving through the system quickly and accurately every single time. Eliminate manual checks with a customized workflow.


ShipCenter comes with a site license. No need to purchase additional seats for every customer service rep that needs to quote shipping rates to your customers. Take full advantage of all SalesPad and our partner Pacejet has to offer by expanding your user base.

Real time database updating.

Ship with confidence.

By keeping the user in one software for the whole process, writing directly back to other softwares involved, assembling quotes in an efficient, intuitive manner, and effectively managing packaging and carrier data, plus utilizing plugins, scripts, and workflow from SalesPad Desktop (where applicable), ShipCenter eliminates hassles involved with coordinating a successful shipping department.

Real time database updating for your shipping center.

We play well with others.

Nothing gets the job done like teamwork.

SalesPad supports a long (and always growing) list of parcel carriers and LTL carriers, several USB scales, and most printers. For an integration directly to UPS Worldship and FedEx Ship Manager, check out our ShipTo add-on for SalesPad Desktop.

Shipping in SalesPad Desktop with FedEx and UPS

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Increase accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations with the new and improved ShipCenter

Explore ShipCenter, our newly redesigned shipping program. Monitor and manage sales order to ship products quickly and reliably, plus integrate with shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, (USPS), and more.

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We’re always looking for a one plus one equals three scenario, and SalesPad Desktop gives us that.”

— Ralph Herda, Key Surgical

Ralph Herda, Key Surgical

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