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SalesPad’s Integration service has already connected the dots with CV3, Magento, ChannelAdvisor, Microsoft CRM, Bronto… just to list a few. But we’ve only just begun! We’re always working to give our customers more options, and we know that a wide catalog of available integrations is high on everyone’s wish list.

It’s more than an adaptor.

It’s a feature-rich upgrade to every part of your business.


Data, data, data. It’s everywhere you look — and sometimes it needs to be moved, which can often turn out to be a hassle. Not with SalesPad’s Integrations service, though.


Taking your ABC data and automatically translating it into XZY data, so that your other software programs can work with it, is an Integrations-through-SalesPad specialty.


Pushing inventory numbers from Microsoft Dynamics GP to ecommerce sites and storefronts, creating items in shopping carts, websites, and managing inventory levels is a piece of cake. Simple and sweet.


Gather all of your data including payments from different systems into one onmichannel place, at one time, in the way you want to see, store, format, and output it.


Import a customer’s order information, then export that customer’s order tracking information as they’re being placed onto your ecommerce platforms. During this process, the customer’s order information will be matched to their current profile so no duplicate customers are created in your system.


When paired with SalesPad’s AutomationAgent, you can pre-schedule your data movements to happen automatically. Rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of.


SalesPad Integrations can be used to connect software that won’t ever be connected to any SalesPad products. We’re friendly like that.


We can slice and dice integrations between different systems any way you need. We’re the virtual software tailor you didn’t know you needed.

Connecting data across platforms.

The days when different databases, web services, and other third-party apps couldn’t or wouldn’t talk to each other are behind us now, thanks to SalesPad Integrations. Everyone knows that teamwork makes the dream work, so bring your favorite team members on board and get ready to bring your business to the next level.

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Available with or without SalesPad.

Not a SalesPad customer? We’re still here for you!

SalesPad Integrations can work outside of the SalesPad software portfolio. Meaning, you don’t need to purchase one of our flagship product licenses. All you need is an AutomationAgent license in order to utilize all the the great features and functionality that Integrations offers. Now, we definitely think you should look into our other products… but we can still be friends if you don’t. Everyone’s invited to this party. (But check out SalesPad Desktop or SalesPad Cloud. Seriously.)

Point of Sale How to Add Retail Sales To Your Wholesale Business

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Jason Loves analyzing data using SalesPad. Here’s why…

“SalesPad allows us to facilitate growth, and it helps us make projections as we plan out the future of our company. It improved our ability to function just dramatically.”

— Jason Jasperson, NBS Parts

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