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Nothing keeps your business humming quite like a steady stream of happy return customers. Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any business, and with SalesPad’s CRM capabilities, you’re sure to stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs. With a wealth of customer data always at your fingertips, you’ll be able to go above and beyond when working to satisfy your customers.

Your customers expect a lot from you.

Make a great impression, every time.


If the CSR who spoke to a particular customer last is not available when the customer calls back, don’t panic. Everyone is on the same page with SalesPad.


Store a customer’s payment information right there on the customer card using the Customer Wallet tab, when using SalesPad for payments.


Sometimes you want to reward your favorite customers, or lure in the hesitant ones. It’s simple with special pricing for individual and/or groups of customers.


If a customer can’t remember what they ordered in the past, just open their sales history. All the information you need to make the next sale is right there.


Use the Interactions tab to always know how and when a customer was contacted, when they need to be contacted again, and what was discussed.


If you’ve got a hunch that this customer needs some extra attention or is in the market for more, loop your sales team in with SalesPad’s Opportunity functionality.


Got a potential customer on the line? Work to reel them in using the Prospects functionality to organize your team’s recruitment strategies.


If you ever need to access a play-by-play for everything that happened with a customer’s records in SalesPad, all the information you need is in the audit trail.

Ditch the flood of sticky notes for something better.

Keep everyone on the same page.

By taking advantage of all the functionality on SalesPad Desktop’s customer card, you will ensure that all of your customer service representatives have access to all of the information they need to ensure a positive interaction with your customers. The customer card is a hub for everything from basic customer information to order history to detailed notes.

Create sales orders directly from the customer card in SalesPad Desktop CRM Software

Create sales orders directly from a customer card.

Save all those extra clicks.

When your CSRs are interacting with a customer, you want them to be able to devote as much attention to the conversation as possible. Having to navigate multiple screens, click that red X, check that box, double-click that option, etc., can put that interaction in jeopardy. But with SalesPad Desktop, CSRs can create a sales order from an open customer card with just a single click, keeping their focus where it needs to be: on the customer.

Take advantage of SalesPad Desktop's Customer Card in our CRM Software

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Why CSRs Love the SalesPad Customer Card

CSRs love SalesPad, and this webinar shows you why. Learn how SalesPad Desktop puts everything you need to know about your customers right at your fingertips. From easily looking up the customer’s buying history, to quickly logging your interactions with them, to scheduling follow-ups, SalesPad Desktop doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Dave loves CRM through SalesPad. Here’s what he has to say …

It’s hard not to give this software a serious look as an inside sales and CRM piece.”

— Dave Withbroe, Dental City

Dave Withbroe, Dental City

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