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Not every company needs a full-fledged point-of-sale system. A lot of companies, such as those who focus primarily on distribution or light manufacturing but who also sell some items onsite, only need a system that can handle quick over-the-counter sales. That’s why we made our Counter Sales module. Counter Sales is built right into SalesPad Desktop, so there is no additional fee or setup required.

Packed with useful features.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you.


Keep that customer line moving with a quick checkout process. With the ability to charge to an existing account or perform just a regular counter sale, you can easily tend to your customers’ needs.


Accept and process returns or exchanges in just a few clicks, all within SalesPad’s Counter Sales. No fuss, no switching modules. No problem.


Use a barcode scanner or a touch screen monitor with the Quick Pick plugin in Counter Sales to make over-the-counter transactions even easier.


All major forms of payment processing are already built right into Counter Sales. Cash, check, EMV credit cards…Counter Sales takes them all, and safely.


Tracking who is selling what and where has never been easier. Create multiple stores and drawers in SalesPad Desktop, and keep tabs on how your different locations are performing — whether warehouse sales counter or storefront.


Get a high-level overview of that day’s transactions, viewable by store, register, and payment type, in just a few clicks. Gathering the performance data you’re after is simple and quick.


Counter Sales makes finding customers or inventory faster than ever, and all the information you need to complete the sale is only ever a few clicks away. It really is that easy.

Speed up your checkout process without adding more software.

Reduce the need for additional employee training.

Counter Sales is built right in to SalesPad Desktop, which means that if you’re already onboard with SalesPad Desktop (which you definitely should be), you don’t have to add another software solution to your operations or train your employees on yet another system. Streamlined employee onboarding means increased efficiency for your company.

Counter Sales

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Counter Sales
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— Robert Chadwell, Chadwell Supplies

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