Customer satisfaction is your #1 priority.

Smarter case management is your ally.

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Making the case for improved issue management.

Keep detailed, cross-referenced notes on any problems with your important customers, items, sales documents, and more. Case Tracker makes short work of keeping track of customer issues, item notes, linked documents, and other pertinent details. Make sure everyone’s on the same page with shared notes, easily accessed resources, user defined fields, and more.

Be prepared for trouble before it hits.

Arm yourself with the tools you need to keep your customers satisfied.


Create as many issue, cause, and resolution codes as you want and use these to keep track of what’s causing customer issues within your company.


Too many cooks in the kitchen can be disastrous when customer satisfaction is on the line. Eliminate that possibility by assigning a specific SalesPad user to each case.


If a reorder or return is needed for one or more items associated with a case, those can be created in just a few clicks from within CaseTracker.


If the numerous information fields available on the Case Tracker entry window aren’t quite enough, upload separate documents, pictures, and more to the Resources tab.

Happy customers are no accident.

Rise to the challenge with Case Tracker.

Unfortunately, no company runs perfectly all the time (but yours comes pretty close), and when problems with customer satisfaction arise, you want to be sure you keep all the details straight. Case Tracker is just the tool you need to gather all the information, resources, and staff necessary to fix the issue in a timely fashion and ensure successful resolution of issues that crop up, every time. Case closed.

Provide the best customer service while collecting data to fix the problems that arise

Gather data on how problems arise.

Then nip them in the bud.

With Case Tracker, self-diagnose any recurring problems by tracking how, where, and when they occur. By creating as many unique issue, cause, and resolution codes as you need, you’ll be able to monitor what’s causing customer issues in the first place, determine what the best resolutions are, then take the steps needed to improve your processes — which of course means less employee time devoted to customer issues and more satisfied customers. Win-win.

Gather all of the data and information you need when problems arise so you can pinpoint where it all started

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Paul loves how much SalesPad brings to the table. Here’s why…

It wasn’t just a front-end hat that sits on Dynamics GP, it was so much more than that. We love it.”

— Paul Cosaro, Picnic Time Family of Brands

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