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Your business isn’t cookie cutter and neither is our software. Through our add-on products, SalesPad Desktop is an incredibly scalable solution designed to fit any size company in any industry. If your business takes a wealth of payments, has an ever-growing amount of supply moving in and out of your warehouse, employees that are constantly on the road, or all of the above, get the perfect functionality to answer the call.

Increased efficiency, without the extra effort.

Speed up your company’s operations by implementing a tool that pushes that start button for you. It’s the dawn of a new era, teeming with productivity and possibility. No more having to click the start button manually each time you need to start a common task.

Warehouse management, with efficiency.

A warehouse management application that integrates fully with Dynamics GP. Operating on a iOS or Windows mobile device equipped with a scanner, users can perform all essential inventory transactions while DataCollection automatically updates Dynamics GP in the background.

SalesPad Mobile
Your business, everywhere from anywhere.

Access and manage sales, customer, and inventory data while on the go. Give Microsoft Dynamics GP users the power to manage their customers, inventory, and sales documents from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

Simple. Flexible. Secure.

A cloud-based, card not present, payment acceptance platform and storage hub by SalesPad partner Nodus Technologies, Inc., easily integrate with SalesPad Desktop. Take payments and connect data across all platforms, websites, and applications using a centralized hosted solution.

Shipping that’s smooth sailing, from warehouse to doorstep.

Monitor and manage sales orders to ship products quickly and reliably. ShipTo makes it easy to import your shipment data into UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager.

All-in-one shipping solution.

Increase accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations. ShipCenter eliminates the need for carrier specific software like UPS Worldship or Fedex Ship Manager. Returning rates and issuing tracking numbers are done in real time.

Integrated product fulfillment, simplified.

Employ a ready-made, easy-to-use integration that seamlessly exchanges data out of and into SalesPad Desktop for omnichannel retail operations. Connect to SalesPad partner SPS Commerce’s leading cloud-based platform to eliminate manual entry of purchase orders, sales, notices, and invoices with trading partners.

Case Tracker
The CSR’s best friend.

Keep detailed notes on any problems with your important customers, items, sales documents, and more. Case Tracker makes short work of keeping track of customer issues, item notes, linked documents, and other pertinent details. Make sure everyone’s on the same page with shared notes, easily accessed resources, user defined fields, and more.

Hit the road with confidence.

Create, assign, and track routes for drivers and vehicles with Dispatch. View routes from mobile devices and take advantage of easy check-in and check-out functions to update route stop statuses from the field. Easy to learn and accessible from both your computer and your mobile device, Dispatch makes coordinating an efficient trucking schedule simple.

SalesPad Desktop data, on the go.

With this online version of SalesPad Desktop, create, view, update, and delete customers, sales documents, inventory, and more. WebPortal allows both internal and external access.

Keep tabs on customers due for their next order.

Quickly build a list of customers who haven’t ordered recently and build interactions from that list. Define the number of days to use when compiling the list, then use it to create orders on the fly, or mark the interaction as complete if your customers aren’t quite ready to place a new order.

Binary Stream — MEM Connector
Multiple companies, one database.

Divide company data into multiple separate entities while keeping it part of the same company database. Filter customers, vendors, and documents that a user can view based on their User Assigned Facilities, and the facilities assigned to customers, vendors, and documents.

Thomson Reuters — OneSource
Simplify tax compliance.

Ensure seamless tax compliance while streamlining data, automating processes, and boosting collaboration between departments.

Avalara — AvaTax Connector
Sales Tax is complicated. Avalara makes it easy.

Avalara gives you the ability to manage sales tax easily and efficiently because it’s already built to run seamlessly in the ERP and CRM you rely on every day. From quote to order to invoice, Avalara AvaTax provides real-time sales tax calculations — without the time-consuming effort of updating rate tables, tax schedules, or IDs, and a host of other manual tasks.

Download 10 Ways to Sell Your Boss on SalesPad Desktop

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Download 10 Ways to sell Your Boss on SalesPad Desktop

SunMed Medical Solutions CASE STUDY "SalesPad Desktop makes Dynamics GP so much easier to use. ...It allows us to build on their platform so there's no need for multiple third-party solutions to augment GP." - Bob Milanowski, CIO

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