We grow and strengthen distribution businesses, from customer to cash, by employing the brightest minds in the industry.

Making distribution better requires industry excellence.

And we’re distributors to the core.

Where We Came From

A distributor and a developer created a solution for better access to data, increased inventory visibility, and greater control over every stage of distribution. Since 2003, we’ve helped distribution and manufacturing businesses get their inventory under control and deliver on time and at the right price.

What We Do

We shrink the time it takes to turn inventory on your shelves into cash in your hand. From order to invoice, we accelerate businesses.

We’re 100% Committed to Our Clients

Everything we do is focused on providing smoother, faster, and more profitable operations to our end users.

We are SalesPad.

We’re experts in distribution. We love ideas. We embrace out-of-the-box thinking. We share insights and innovate together. We’re a group of self-motivated, hard-working problem-solvers. We’re a local startup gone global. We make a positive difference. We provide the industry’s best solution for making distribution better. We are SalesPad.

We work for our community.

Kids Food Basket, DA Blodgett St. John’s, and Versiti Blood Center are just a few of the local causes we support. We clean up parks, provide warm coats to those in need, and promote local businesses.

Meet Our Executive Team

Leading the charge to accelerate distribution growth.

Mike Biwer

Michael Biwer

Michael holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from the University of Michigan. He has extensive experience leading and growing technology and software companies, spanning sectors such as digital marketing, information technology and services, and enterprise software.

John Carrier

John Carrier

As the former owner of both a distribution business and a manufacturing business, he’s walked in the shoes of SalesPad’s customers. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed working with teams to help grow and develop companies.

Distribution Strategy

Matt Abbott

Matt loves helping businesses attract capital. A former Partner at Bain & Company, Matt’s skill set is critical to casting and capturing company vision. His work focuses on business transformation, growth, and competitive strategy. Matt earned his B.S. from the University of Michigan, and his MBA from UCLA.

Jeremy Boogaart

Jeremy Boogaart
Senior VP of Product

Jeremy started at SalesPad as a software developer and played a key role in the beginning stages of the organization. A big-picture thinker, he uses his experience from multiple departments to better understand every aspect of the company. He’s responsible for formulating product strategy, go-to-market plans, and pushing the company to meet its goals.

Bob McAdam Distribution Partner

Bob McAdam
VP of Strategic Partnerships

Bob is an accomplished international business and technology executive with significant experience that spans more than two decades. A legend with in the Microsoft Dynamics community, Bob leverages his vast experience to bring value to SalesPad’s strategic partnership channel. Bob executes and supports strategic initiatives for partner acquisition and engagement.

Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis
VP of Human Resources

Sarah plays a critical role in strategic decision-making regarding human capital management strategy. Sarah has significant experience training and retaining the SalesPad Team, creating a high-performing and motivated workforce that has helped to enable the company’s growth. She graduated from Saginaw Valley State University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Dan Hodgson

Dan Hodgson
VP of Customer Success

Dan joined SalesPad in 2011 as a customer representative on the company’s technical support team. Dan’s growth with the organization provides a unique lens into the process and operations side of the company. His ultimate goal is for all of our customers to realize high success & value from our products & services.

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