The Perfect Team.

Dynamic distribution and flawless financials, simplified and streamlined

SalesPad Cloud with Sage Intacct +

The best of both worlds.

The SalesPad Cloud integration for Sage Intacct allows distribution organizations to utilize SalesPad Cloud’s proven distribution platform combined with Sage Intacct’s industry-leading financials. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your operational needs won’t outgrow your system capabilities. 

Users have peace of mind knowing that their operational needs will not outgrow their system capabilities. SalesPad Cloud offers a sophisticated order management model that is workflow-based and rules-driven. It coordinates your omni-channel commerce and serves as the central order hub, allowing businesses to consistently fulfill orders and maintain proper stock levels

SalesPad Cloud + Sage Intacct

Might be for you if you have:

  •    Multidimensional accounting requirements

  •    Customer service that takes a lot of time due to the lack of information or many systems

  •    A lack of visibility into inventory quantity and locations

  •    A business that is missing its shipping windows

  •    GAAP compliance required

  •    One or more warehouse locations

  •    The inability to access true cost and margin data which makes planning difficult

The Dream Team.

Harness the power of Sage Intacct for all accounting requirements and leverage SalesPad Cloud for your inventory, sales, customer service, and distribution needs. Data entered into SalesPad Cloud is accessible in Sage Intacct, and data keyed or updated in Sage Intacct can be modified in SalesPad Cloud. In short, SalesPad Cloud is the operational yin to Sage Intacct’s accounting yang.

If your business boasts multiple locations, you’re in luck. With Sage Intacct, you can manage multiple entities with ease. Multi-entity and financial consolidation capabilities improve your productivity, accuracy, and compliance by managing detailed local financial information for all of your business entities.

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Real time data tracking.

Sage Intacct enables you to track financial data in real time. You can easily move from top-level results down to the performance of a specific entity or location, and then dig into  individual transactions.

SalesPad UI

Jeremy loves SalesPad Cloud’s inventory management capabilities. Here’s why…

It’s really easy to adjust things in and out, make sure that data is accurate, and manage multiple locations.”

— Jeremy Place, COO at Diversity IT

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