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The true test of a business is being able to read and react to trends quickly. With SalesPad Cloud, analyze customer, inventory, cost, and sales data with easy-to-use reporting tools. Find your next big sales avenue and get a leg up on the competition by mining information that’s been buried away (or simply hidden in plain sight). At your disposal is an array of pre-built dashboards and reports for quick day-to-day insights. Or, pick and choose from any metric in the system to run exhaustive reports on company health. You’ll be a lean, mean, industry-leading machine in no time with a helping hand from SalesPad.

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Easily find the exact insights you’re looking for.


Take in easy-to-digest reports on product, customer, and salesperson performance with graphical dashboards throughout SalesPad Cloud.


For detailed, finely-tuned insights, you can run customizable and dynamic reports in the Sales Analysis module. Or, run common, pre-built reports.


All reports and metrics can be exported to a spreadsheet for quick sharing with important stakeholders outside of SalesPad Cloud.


For those utilizing SalesPad Cloud PointOfSale, run location-specific end-of-day reports covering gross sales, net sales, payments, discounts, returns, and more.

Purchase the right products,

at the right time.

Use individual sales graphs for each inventory item to discover seasonal trends, high-performers, and flops. With just a few key inputs from you, the purchase advisor and purchase generator take the headache out of maintaining a thriving warehouse. Never run out of inventory or spend mind-numbing hours filling out dozens of individual purchase orders again. Customize your restocking strategy and let SalesPad Cloud take care of the rest.

Purchasing dashboard in SalesPad Cloud software.

Sometimes, it’s about the reports you don’t have to run.

Real-time inventory data at your fingertips.

No more running a report every time you want current on-hand, allocated, backordered, and on-purchase-order quantities. With SalesPad Cloud, enjoy real-time inventory control, plus visibility into all your key inventory metrics across all your locations. Manage your costs like never before and take your inventory management to the next level.

Real-time inventory control, plus visibility.

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Dustin Deckrow, Angstrom Supply

Dustin loves the reporting tools in
SalesPad Cloud. Here’s why…

The Dynamic Grid Reports help us … to say ‘okay, we need this one product, what other products can we purchase to bring down our overall cost?’”

— Dustin Deckrow, Angstrom Supply

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