Moving to the cloud from QuickBooks Desktop?

SalesPad Cloud can take you there.


Grow without the growing pains.

If you’re thinking about moving off of QuickBooks Pro, Premeire, or Enterprise, and onto a web-based ERP solution, we have some good news: you can keep and even add to the enterprise functionality you’ve come to expect by implementing SalesPad Cloud. With QuickBooks Online as the accounting foundation, SalesPad lets you manage customers, sales, and inventory all in one place. We have absolutely no cap on data, so you can wave goodbye to the corruption and performance issues caused by large amounts of data in QuickBooks Desktop.

Here’s some simple math. QuickBooks Desktop = SalesPad Cloud + QBO

Comparing QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online and SalesPad Cloud

We know your pain.

Find relief with SalesPad Cloud and QuickBooks Online.


Armed with a computer and an internet connection, remote sales reps, traveling executives, and out-of-house consultants can log in to SalesPad from anywhere.


We put zero limitations on the number of transactions, customers, users, items, and locations you can store in our system.


Only essential transaction information is communicated to QuickBooks Online, so your accounting books stay squeaky clean.


We don’t believe in tiered pricing plans. From purchase order tracking to customizable, rules-driven workflow, take advantage of features you won’t find in QuickBooks Desktop.

Let’s compare notes.

Here’s how SalesPad Cloud stacks up.

FeaturesQuickBooks ProQuickBooks PremiereQuickBooks EnterpriseQuickBooks Online & SalesPad Cloud
Track sales & expenses
Manage accounts payable
Track time
Pay employees$450
Track inventory
Advanced inventory management
Additional cost
Multi-location support
Additional cost
Mobile inventory barcode scanning
Additional cost
Highly configurable reporting
Additional cost
Auto-generate purchase orders
Variant Items
Rules-driven workflow
Number of usersUp to 3 usersUp to 5 usersUp to 30 usersUnlimited users
Unlimited data
Credit card processing$20/month
Cloud access (hosting)$40-$200 monthly per user
Phone support$89 for 90 days
Product and feature updates$299

From Pro to Enterprise,

this isn’t our first rodeo.

With over 2,000 successful implementations, many of them with companies previously on a version of QuickBooks Desktop, it’s safe to say we’ve earned our implementation wings. Whether you just want to be shown the basics or you would like to be trained on every last detail of the software, we’ve got the perfect implementation package for your business and budget.

Explore SalesPad Cloud.

Join our next webinar to see the powerful improvements that SalesPad Cloud has to offer your business.

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An added safeguard for your financials.

After all, you can never be too careful.

Most of your users will operate exclusively in SalesPad Cloud, adding an additional level of security by removing customer service, sales, and warehouse employees from sensitive accounting and financial functions, and vice versa. Highly customizable security levels dictate what each user can view, edit, and process. Finally, a detailed audit history allows management to see the who, what, and when of any transaction.

Secure financials with security settings in SalesPad Cloud.

Have questions about switching to QuickBooks Online?

Download our free comprehensive feature and pricing guide. You’ll get the facts with our easy-to-understand comparison charts.

Comparison Guide for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Tyler loved the move to SalesPad Cloud.

SalesPad has a lot to offer in the space that [QuickBooks] Enterprise does not, especially when it comes to PO tracking and order management.”

— Tyler Hartman, Angstrom Supply

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