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Automate your order processing.

Selling your products online is now easier than ever with SalesPad Cloud’s integration with Shopify. Connecting to Shopify is a quick and easy process with our integrated dashboard. Sales order forms got you down? With our built-in rules-driven workflow system, you’ll never have to worry about running a sales order down the hallway into the warehouse for picking, wonder if a product is available, or check that margins have been reviewed.

Order processing has never been so user-friendly.

Free up your customer service and sales teams to focus on what matters — your customers.


Define the criteria, rules, and requirements for your workflow to ensure that every document gets processed and fulfilled correctly. Rules can flag a document for review if the customer has poor payment terms, split a document into multiple orders, and much more.


Online order management allows you to view and control your products in your inventory in one central location, regardless of what online channel is used to sell them, all while our Point of Sale module tracks retail sales, keeping everything fully integrated. See what’s available and what’s being shipped based on orders from your website (and other online channels).


No need to scramble for more storage space — drop ship your orders seamlessly with SalesPad Cloud. Keep your delivery process running smoothly while also ensuring products reach customers in an appropriate fashion.


Whoever takes an order won’t have to worry about special pricing or discounts. With SalesPad Cloud, set price levels for all of your customers with different pricing per transaction or per item. You can also easily set up seasonal discounts and promotions.


Entering an order has never been easier.Customer information, such as billing and shipping addresses and payment terms, is pre-filled when you enter a new order — and if part of the order is out of stock, you have the ability to split the order to get the on-hand inventory out the door and easily backorder the rest. Plus, with Excel-style search grids, you can quickly look up a customer, piece of inventory, or any other information you need.


Want to know how each online channel is performing? SalesPad Cloud tracks sales channels individually so that you can compare and view ongoing results. Our reporting options give you a clear, simple, and comprehensive account of your sales and inventory history.     


Arm your customer service representatives with complete visibility into order status, interactions, item availability, and buying history. They’ll always have the answer to any question or request.


Accurately pick and pack orders in the warehouse with our barcoding app. With SalesPad Cloud’s integration to ShipStation, efficiently manage your shipping and send valuable shipment data between both systems.

Add advanced order processing capabilities to QuickBooks.

Take the stress out of orders — get the checks and balances you need.

Whether you’re using workarounds and QuickBooks Online or are contemplating moving from Desktop to Online, SalesPad Cloud gives you the order processing capabilities you need for your small- to medium-sized business. For QuickBooks Desktop users, you’ve come to expect a certain level of enterprise function — now take your operations to the next level with rules-driven workflow in SalesPad Cloud. Our built-in workflow capabilities ensure that your orders proceed through your system quickly and accurately every time.

Workflows: What’s in a name?

Steps and rules that benefit your business.

Workflows are a set of batches (steps) and rules that a document passes through. Workflows take care of the routine details associated with evaluating and processing documents, making your workday that much easier. By establishing a clearly defined path for each document and specifying rules which must be met in order for documents to move between batches, errors are reduced, efficiency is increased, and a checks-and-balances system is created. Workflows can help you process sales documents, adjustments, purchase orders, purchase receipts, and assemblies.

Workflow and batches to rule your business process

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