Managing inventory for distribution at one location can be difficult. Selling online or having inventory managed in multiple systems makes this task even tougher. SalesPad Cloud’s online order management software can help solve these difficulties. With SalesPad Cloud, you can automate your order fulfillment from multiple online channels and move away from the cumbersome task of manual tracking.

Be sure to consider SalesPad Cloud if you have a Shopify store. By integrating the two, your website orders and sales management and work together in a seamless way. SalesPad Cloud simply manages additional online sales channels while centralizing everything you sell online. Future integrations with other eCommerce platforms are in the works, too.

To integrate the software further, SalesPad Cloud can also connect to Quickbooks Online. Orders, customers, and payments are imported into SalesPad Cloud (more integrations coming soon) while inventory quantities and order status get exported to the necessary channels to ensure that everything is sync’d together and tracked correctly.

The benefits do not stop with Online Order Management. Included in our one low monthly fee, you will have access to other great features, too: SalesPad Cloud CRM, Inventory, Point of Sale, Workflow and Purchasing if those are things you also need.


If you want to sell your products online or need to build an online store, SalesPad Cloud can integrate with your existing Shopify website. Currently, we offer integration with Shopify and are expanding those integrations regularly. The setup is as simple as connecting your existing Shopify account to SalesPad through an integrated dashboard. SalesPad Cloud will then upload items, pricing, and images to your store.


Online order management allows you to view and control your inventory of products in one central location, regardless of what online channel is used to sell them (while our Point of Sale module will track retail sales so everything is integrated). See what’s available and what’s being shipped based on orders from your website (and other online channels).


Edit and maintain all your products from SalesPad Cloud. No more wasted time juggling multiple website passwords while updating pricing, descriptions, and images. Our online order management software provides easy-to-setup workflows and adds efficiency by routing all online order channels through a single fulfillment process. Never miss another order.


Want to know how each online channel is performing? SalesPad Cloud tracks sales channels individually so you can compare and see ongoing results. You will get a clear, simple, and comprehensive account of your sales and inventory history with the available reporting.

7 signs it’s time to upgrade your inventory management software.

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7 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Inventory Management Software
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