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Streamlined ordering via a matrix.


Generate lots of items quickly.

Creating a large number of related inventory items has never been easier or faster. In the past, setting up an item that had multiple versions was time-consuming and cumbersome. There was plenty of room for errors, and remembering the SKU numbers for each different variant of the item was next to impossible. With variant items, though, creating a bunch of related inventory items is a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon.

Simple matrix order entry.

Effortless organization.


Need 150 different inventory items, but they’re all just variations on a single item? Variant items let you quickly create a large number of related items through an attribution assignment method.


With the matrix order entry method, there’s no need to look up multiple SKUs when filling out an order. Find the parent variant item and simply type in your quantities for each associated item.


Unique SKUs are automatically created for each inventory item generated during variant item setup, saving you a whole lot of time, work, and hassle when it comes to item management.


Keeping tabs on how much you have of any of your variant item’s associated items is as simple as opening the Variants tab on your parent variant item and referencing the Available column.

Clean up your inventory list with variant items.

Stay effortlessly consistent.

Anyone who has spent a grueling afternoon (or three) entering data into a software system knows that the potential for human error or style differences is staggeringly high. Variant items, though, make it easy to keep long lists of inventory clean, consistent, and easy to navigate. Quickly make the inventory items, find them when you need to, and spend the rest of your workday taking care of more important tasks.

Clean up your inventory list with variant items.

Enter the matrix: the item matrix.

No pills necessary.

Once you’ve set up your variant items and created all the associated inventory items, adding these items to a transaction is a simple, pain-free process. Rather than searching for each inventory item separately and adding it to a transaction, just add the “parent” variant item, and the item matrix will appear. Enter the quantities you want for each inventory item, then add them all to your transaction with a single click. It’s almost too easy.

Enter the matrix: the item matrix.

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