Smart inventory management.

Visibility and control, without the headache.


Don’t just track your inventory. Manage it.

Don’t just track your quantities — take your inventory management to the next level with our user-friendly software that allows you to see real inventory costs, sale trends, and trajectories for growth all from the cloud. Cut the stock-outs and item hunting, and see your inventory in real time while planning for future demand. SalesPad Cloud’s features keep you on top of inventory with enterprise-level management capabilities on QuickBooks Online. And for QuickBooks Desktop users, we offer all the inventory features you’ve come to expect, without all the performance issues, fees, and uncertainty.

Stop chasing down inventory.

Do more than just track and adjust with easy-yet-sophisticated management.


Stop playing hide and seek with your inventory. With straightforward and easy search and look-up, you’ll always know what you have on hand and where it’s located.


Using LIFO or FIFO valuations methods, SalesPad Cloud shows you the full cost stack of an item. Stop guesstimating with your business, and see your real profit.


Easily support multiple locations. Create and receive transfer orders between locations and warehouses, all while keeping your inventory under control.


Easily sell grouped items without having to set up any kit or bundle configurations. With variant item support, it’s easy to create an item that is sold in several versions.


Say farewell to inaccurate counts in spreadsheets. Everyone who needs to see current counts can stay updated in real time with SalesPad Cloud’s centralized hub for all your crucial info.


SalesPad Cloud doesn’t allow for negative inventory. Use reorder points to generate purchase orders whenever a product starts to run low.


With our barcoding app, perform all essential inventory transactions in your warehouse while SalesPad Cloud is automatically updated in the background.

Vanquish order processing woes.

Let rules rule your business processes.

Let workflows work their magic with SalesPad Cloud’s capability to automate time-consuming, but necessary, tasks. Control employee activities while increasing efficiency and reducing errors by getting orders out the door faster. Our workflow creation abilities allow you to automate what orders can go out without executive review. That way, you only see the orders that need your attention, and the rest is out the door. Split orders so one backorder doesn’t stop a whole order and keep your operations running smoothly.

SalesPad Cloud workflow screenshot

Relax — your inventory can be traced.

You’re in control with serial and lot tracking.

Enhance your inventory control by manually or automatically adding serial and lot numbers to inventory on receipt or adjustment. By using specifics for costing, expirations, warranties, recalls, and more, tracking is easier and more efficient than ever. With SalesPad Cloud, you can track by receipt for each transaction and delivery with effortless visibility at every step. From receiving to sales and returns, you can view the complete history of individual serials and lots.

SalesPad Cloud Serial Lot Tracking

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