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Powerful CRM right within your ERP.

Happy return customers can make a world of difference for your business. With SalesPad’s CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities, you can stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs. Forget about switching between different screens or programs while trying to solve customer issues. SalesPad Cloud adds powerful CRM tools to Quickbooks, ensuring that you have access to the data you need to go above and beyond when working to satisfy your customers.

Cloud-based CRM that meets customer needs.

And helps out your CSRs.


With easy record keeping, there’s no need to panic if a customer calls back and the CSR who last spoke to them isn’t available. Everyone is on the same page with SalesPad Cloud.


Quickly look up a customer with Excel-style search grids. Customer information, like billing and shipping addresses and payment terms, is pre-filled when you enter a new order — saving time and eliminating needless re-entry.


No more paper trails to trip up seamless order processing with SalesPad Cloud. By setting up workflow rules in SalesPad Cloud, you can ensure that only the orders that should leave your facility do.


Store a customer’s payment information right there on the customer card using the Customer Wallet tab, when using SalesPad Cloud for payments.


If you ever need to access a play-by-play for everything that happened with a customer’s records in SalesPad Cloud, all the information you need is in the audit trail.


Always know what a customer ordered in the past and help them order again. Simply open their sales history. All the information you need to make the next sale is right there.


Want to search by a field we don’t list? SalesPad Cloud allows for numerous user-defined fields, which means you’re calling the shots on tracking new, additional information on customers.


Sometimes you want to reward your favorite customers, or lure in the hesitant ones. It’s simple with special pricing for individual and/or groups of customers.

Throw away that heap of sticky notes overwhelming your CSRs.

Easily keep everyone on the same page.

With SalesPad Cloud’s customer card, you can ensure that all of your customer service representatives (CSRs) have access to the information they need for a positive interaction with your customers. Ditch the time-consuming workarounds. The customer card is your new hub for everything from basic customer information to order history to detailed notes.

Use CRM in SalesPad Cloud and get rid of your sticky note system

Increase cash flow with advanced A/R functionality

Take accounts receivable from pain to paid.

Cut down on the manual work for CSRs with A/R (accounts receivable) level detail in the A/R tab. In SalesPad Cloud, you can opt to only place orders for customers in good standing. Enter credit limits right there on the customer card and pair that information with aging buckets, outstanding payments, and any detailed notes, all on the A/R tab. With A/R visibility, increase your cash flow by giving your CSRs the insights they need to stay on top of outstanding customer payments.

A/R Lot Tracking for easy CRM in SalesPad Cloud

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