Barcoding that packs a big punch.

Transform your operations into a heavyweight.

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Take full control of your warehouse.

Build out multiple locations and bins to track available, allocated, and fulfilled quantities in our web app, then track your inbound, outbound, and transfer adjustments with SalesPad Cloud Barcode, our mobile data collection iOS app. Going toe-to-toe with enterprise-level warehouse management solutions, Barcode allows you to perform all essential inventory transactions while SalesPad Cloud is automatically updated in the background. SalesPad Cloud Barcode supports Socket Mobile CHS 7Di and Honeywell Captuvo SL22, SL42, and SL62 scanning devices for rapid data collection.

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Wave goodbye to manual errors.

Speed up your operations with barcode scanning.


Transfer merchandise to different bins within a warehouse, or to different locations in your company, with just a few taps. Never lose track of your inventory again.


SalesPad Cloud Barcode simplifies order fulfillment, picking, and packing, ensuring that you are able to ship products quickly and accurately every time.


Let’s be honest. No one likes conducting stock counts. Luckily, SalesPad Cloud Barcode makes it quick and easy to adjust inventory in and out so that you can get back to more important matters.


Receiving against a purchase order is the fastest and most precise way of receiving merchandise. With incremental scanning and an intuitive interface, our mobile app makes this process painless.

Know exactly where inventory is located.

In any warehouse — anytime, from anywhere.

Quickly search items across multiple locations and retrieve item details such as inventory levels, bin location, item description, cost, restrictions, and previous receiving and adjustment histories, with a simple and intuitive inventory lookup screen.

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How Barcoding Your Warehouse Increases Efficiency and Accuracy

Barcodes and barcode scanners have been around for a few decades, and they have become the most widely accepted way for distribution, wholesale, and manufacturing businesses to reduce flaws when it comes to inventory management in their warehouse.


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