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Dr. Barber with Keith Pedley from Veterinary Medical Center with calf

The Company

The Veterinary Medical Center (part of Prairie Livestock Supply) is a southwest Minnesota-based mixed animal veterinary practice which provides both veterinary services and products for small and large animals. VMC is dedicated to providing products that improve the health and well-being of pets and livestock — that means they manage a lot of inventory related to animal health supplies, vaccines, and animal handling equipment. When they needed a custom solution for handling patient organization, appointments, inventory, and government-mandated documents all in one system, they went to SalesPad.

Increase in efficiency

Reduced labor costs

It used to take VMC staff 2-3 days to collect data. Now it takes 1.5 hours.

Meeting Regulations: Veterinary Feed Directives

State and federal governments require documents called Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) in order to use animal feed containing certain antibiotic drugs. VMC needed an efficient way to generate these documents, and didn’t want to switch between different programs and screens to do so.

The Solution

SALESPAD DESKTOP. SalesPad created a tailored fix in which someone could enter the criteria for a VFD, generate the document, have it approved by a veterinarian, and email it to customers or distributors — all in the same software.

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“Our customized program within Salespad has allowed us to be more efficient with orders, allowed multiple staff to participate in the business process, and allowed us to monitor, manage, and track the VFD activity.”

– Dr. Steve Dudley, VMC President & CEO


VMC prides itself in being an early adopter of new technologies in order to find practical solutions to complex animal disease issues.

“Our customized program within Salespad has allowed us to be more efficient with orders, allowed multiple staff to participate in the business process, and allowed us to monitor, manage, and track the VFD activity,” says Dr. Steve Dudley, VMC’s President and CEO.

“We’re a vet clinic with traditional vet services, but we’re also a distribution business, kind of like a pharmacy,” he continues. “People walk in the door and we have veterinarians and pharmacists on staff who dispense medications, vaccines, antibiotics, equipment — all the things that our livestock producers and pet owners would need. One of the things SalesPad has helped us with is our ability to meet all of those diverse needs.”


  • Increased efficiency with order processing
  • More accessibility to software for staff
  • A tailored form of compliance to government regulations
  • A more robust software platform to continue growth from

VMC’s old process required one to two people, and several days, to collect the data needed to generate various business reminders — the team had to track down the data related to each month and year, prepare said data for mailing, and, finally, mail the reminders.

Now it only takes one staff member about 1.5 hours to gather, manipulate, and process the same information. That kind of ease, speed, and accuracy is invaluable to VMC, and a clear return on their investment in custom development.

From better product tracking and ease of access for VMC’s sales team and vets, to a streamlined and cost-efficient way to meet industry regulations, the company is armed with efficiencies that help their team focus on what matters most — meeting the varying needs of all their customers.

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