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TKO Electronics

Westlake Village, CA |


Since being interviewed for our case study, TKO Electronics has been acquired by ExpressPoint, a leader in depot repair and supply chain services. ExpressPoint has been using a different ERP solution than SalesPad Desktop but, after seeing how well TKO Electronics has performed with SalesPad Desktop and learning a bit more about our products, ExpressPoint has decided to also adopt SalesPad Desktop as their ERP solution.

The Company

With offices on both the East and West Coasts, TKO Electronics is the go-to distributor for technology-related equipment for thousands of service companies, dealers, and service departments across the country. 

Established in 1997, TKO works to support its customers’ entire technology lifecycle. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and their focus on helping their customers succeed, and they’re committed to providing quality products and service at fair prices. 

The Challenge

Before making the switch to SalesPad Desktop back in 2010, TKO was operating from a DOS-based system that was holding them back from their potential. Scott Reed, COO at TKO Electronics, actually installed the DOS system for TKO as an outside contractor before being hired by the company. 

Once he started working for TKO, Reed became the de facto tech support for the entire system. As computing technology improved by leaps and bounds, however, it became clear to Reed that TKO would need to change their strategy, or they would be left behind. 

“When I asked the CEO when we were going to get off of that system, he told me that it would be when I died, since I was the only one who knows how to work with it,” joked Reed. “Fortunately, we didn’t wait that long.”

The Solution

SalesPad Desktop. Reed set up a demo of Microsoft Dynamics GP, and he was initially put off by the software due to how clunky the screen layouts were. After demoing SalesPad Desktop, however, and seeing how its user interface takes all of the headaches out of working with GP, Reed and his team were sold. They made the switch to GP and SalesPad Desktop, and they haven’t looked back since.

“It was a very simple decision at that point,” said Reed. “It was a big change for us, but within a week, everyone (35-40 users) was humming right along.”

Reed went on to talk about how impressed he is by SalesPad Desktop’s capabilities, and how easy it is to learn how to use new functionality. 

“What I like about SalesPad is how much I don’t know about it,” he said. “It’s got tremendous depth. Every time I dive into it to try and figure something out, I find myself heading down a rabbit trail learning about all the other stuff that’s available.” 

“Everything I don't like about GP is what I do like about SalesPad Desktop. It's a simple decision.”

Scott Reed, COO

Manageable Inventory Database

TKO works with approximately 400,000 SKUs and processes about 400 orders a day, and all of their inventory is serialized. With so much inventory in the mix, TKO needed an ERP solution that would allow them to effectively manage it all. SalesPad Desktop has proved more than capable of handling their inventory management needs. 

Because of the nature of their work, TKO deals with inventory that is new, refurbished, remanufactured, as-is, and more. SalesPad Desktop is able to deal with the complexity of their inventory needs through warehouse setup, utilizing multiple locations and bins within those locations.

When it comes time to pick an order, TKO relies on DataCollection to ensure that there are no errors. 

“With DataCollection, we’re able to validate that we’re picking the right part,” Reed explained. “Is it a new part, is it a refurb part? We know that based on the barcode information.”

Finding Success With Automation

Reed and his team are all about finding ways to automate their processes. They utilize a number of web portals that write directly to both GP and SalesPad Desktop, and the majority of their orders are processed via automation. And by pairing web portals where customers can enter their own orders with special pricing in SalesPad Desktop for those customers, TKO further streamlines the order entry process. They even have automation in place that creates orders directly from a customer’s email. 

One of TKO’s business practices is to ship orders same-day as much as possible, mostly via drop shipping. 

“We created what we call ‘auto PO’,” explained Reed. “When an order comes in, we know who the supplier is. The system then creates the sales order and the purchase order in SalesPad and emails those to the vendor. Within minutes of us receiving the order, the vendor has our packing slip and our PO. That’s all done through automation.”

With all this emphasis on automation, it’s no wonder that Reed has positive things to say about SalesPad Desktop’s workflow. 

“I love workflow. I love being able to control and force the business rules.”

SalesPad Desktop’s workflow has a big impact on customer service operations at TKO. At TKO, CSRs are primarily responsible for order entry and processing, and anything that a CSR has to touch is managed through workflow — they simply give the orders a quick scan to verify that all the information is there and forward it to the next step.

“Our CSRs go through about 215 orders a day, and without SalesPad’s workflows, we would need another 20 people.

“We try to automate as much as possible. It keeps our headcount down, and it keeps our costs down. It makes training simpler, and it keeps us from relying too much on one person.”

Beyond all the strategic advantages SalesPad Desktop has provided for TKO, at the end of the day, ease of use is still a huge factor for Reed. 

“New employees are usually up and running with SalesPad in two days. It’s very easy for our users to learn how to use the different screens and navigate the cards, tabs, etc. Even our accounting team will use SalesPad to look up certain transaction data, because it’s so much easier than looking it up in GP.”

For Reed and his colleagues at TKO, SalesPad Desktop continues to be a vital member of the team. Since making the switch all those years ago, SalesPad Desktop has kept up with their company’s growth without missing a step. TKO even added a few software customizations to further strengthen their ERP operations. 

At the end of the day, Reed can’t imagine running their Dynamics GP company without the help of SalesPad Desktop.

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