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Plenus Group, Inc

Lowell, MA | www.pgifoods.com


The Company

Delicious, high-quality soup is the name of the game at Plenus Group, Inc. The Lowell, Massachusetts-based company sprang from a single, exceptionally tasty clam chowder first served up in the ‘80s that resulted in the launch of a manufacturing operation in the early ‘90s. Founder and CEO Joe Jolly purchased that operation, giving birth to PGI. The company has experienced strong, steady growth ever since. 

As a relatively small player in the world of soup, PGI takes pride in propelling products through the development cycle and into production much more quickly than the bigger names in their industry. According to their website, their mission remains the same since their inception, and that is to produce quality, culinary-driven products and to be a valued supplier and business partner to their customers. 

The Challenge

Every growing company knows that the right ERP solution is a key component to success. If your software can’t keep up with your orders or effectively manage your inventory, growth will inevitably stagnate. 

Before changing up their business recipe by adding SalesPad Desktop, PGI was using an ERP solution so small that the ERP’s corporate address was also the home address of its creator — it had basic but limited functionalities.

Rather than wait for the day when their bare-bones ERP solution got in the way, PGI took the proactive approach and sought out a solution that would not only keep up with them, but facilitate more growth, faster. They needed a system that could handle large orders from a solid base of recurring customers, and they needed a system that made it easy for users at multiple locations to access the same critical data. 

They found all that, and more, with SalesPad Desktop.

The Solution

SalesPad Desktop. Joseph Jolly IV, Business Intelligence Specialist at PGI and son of CEO Joe Jolly, was on the front lines when the company made the big switch. He’s seen some big improvements in company operations since adopting SalesPad Desktop, particularly where usability is concerned. 

“SalesPad Desktop has been really easy to use,” he said. “Previously, other people relied on me a lot more to provide them with information. Now, everyone’s a lot more self-sufficient.”

Jolly went on to explain how, not only has usability improved with SalesPad Desktop, but a lot of communication gaps that existed with the old ERP solution have been closed, thanks to the automation capabilities available through workflow. 

“When an order is ready to process, the staff who manage our inventory at our off-site storage location receive an email without our sales order processing team having to remember to send them one,” Jolly said. “It used to frequently be the case that an order came in, and it looked good in the system, only to find out [our off-site storage provider] didn’t have an email copy of that order. Making those tasks automatic has been one of the biggest advantages for us.”

“SalesPad is just a much more user-friendly system than what had previously. It's easier to get the information that you're looking for.”

Joe Jolly, Founder and CEO

Super-Charged Growth Through Better Inventory Management

In just two short years, PGI has experienced staggering growth — they’ve doubled their revenue, but they haven’t had to hire more employees in order to do so. 

Increased process control and more effective inventory management capabilities, both hallmarks of what SalesPad Desktop brings to the table, have been key contributors to PGI’s success. 

Because of the nature of the soup-making business, PGI has to cope with very large, weekly orders, mostly coming from a core group of regular customers. 

“We manufacture between 70,000 and 80,000 pounds daily,” said Jolly. “That’s compared to 20,000 pounds per day a few years ago.”

All of that inventory moving in and out of multiple locations requires precise inventory data and quick access to line-item information on sales orders. 

“In our old ERP system, it wasn’t easy to get document line-item information. You had to jump through hoops to see item types,” said Jolly. “With SalesPad, it’s a whole lot easier.”

Quick, Easy Access to Reporting and Instant Data Updates

One of Jolly’s favorite features of SalesPad Desktop is the sales line mass update. Working with perishable inventory like soup ingredients means that Jolly and his team need to be able to quickly update any number of sales documents containing a given piece of inventory, and the sales line mass update allows them to do just that. 

Another of Jolly’s favorite features is a common one among our customers, but for good reason: workflow. 

“For me, all of the workflow automations have really helped. A good percentage of our orders come from an offsite company, so we have separate order types to handle that, and they have their own workflows. And then the whole automatic email when the order gets released...workflow just really helps us.”

PGI’s reporting capabilities have improved with SalesPad Desktop as well, Jolly explained.

“As an Excel geek, I run refreshable reports all the time, but many times it’s easier to just go into SalesPad and just export that grid, or email it out. I like that really easy flexibility.

“SalesPad is just a much more user-friendly system than what we had previously. It’s easier to get the information that you’re looking for.”

At the end of the day, when the kettles are empty and the fires are finally extinguished, it all boils down to usability for Jolly and his team. SalesPad Desktop’s user-friendly interface paired with its order processing and inventory management prowess has proven to be a critical ingredient in PGI’s recipe for success. 

We see nothing but more positive growth in PGI’s future, and we’re proud to be a part of their story.

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