LED Ligthing solutions
  • Improved order and inventory management through workflows
  • Increased order volume without needing to hire additional staff
  • Quick, easy access to customer information and customer service tools
  • Quadrupled the company’s overall sales performance in only one year
  • Powerful reporting and analysis options through customized dynamic grid reports



LED Lighting Solutions

MURRIETA, CA |  www.ledlighting-solutions.com

The Company

LED Lighting Solutions is a family-run business based out of Murrieta, California. They started out as a company focused on providing lighting solutions for their local community, but have since grown into a brand serving customers across the United States and Canada.  

Committed to helping their customers save money while offering the best LED technology on the market, LED Lighting Solutions provides a wide variety of LED products for use in everything from traffic and safety to parks and walkways, warehouses, parking lots, and more.

The Challenge

As a growing, vibrant company, LED Lighting Solutions needed an ERP solution that would encourage further success for their business. They needed to exercise tight control over their order processing workflows while providing flexibility with location management, along with many other capabilities that proved necessary as they grew. 

In short, they needed an ERP solution that brought more to the table than the competition. They found all that, and more, with SalesPad Cloud.

The Solution

SalesPad Cloud. One year after their SalesPad Cloud implementation, Dennis Hands, CEO at LED Lighting Solutions, had nothing but positive things to say, especially concerning SalesPad Cloud’s workflow capabilities.

Not only are workflows helping them become a paperless office — they’re also playing a vital role in company growth. Over the last year, LED Lighting Solutions quadrupled their sales. A great statistic under any circumstances, this feat is made more impressive by LED Lighting Solutions not needing to hire any additional staff in order to accomplish this. Hands credits SalesPad Cloud workflows. 

“My favorite functionality in SalesPad Cloud would definitely be workflow,” Hands said. “It helps us manage our orders from inception to the invoicing process, and allows us to stay organized and know the status of all orders at all times."

“Just this week, we added two customer service reps, and they are already entering orders on their own with SalesPad Cloud."

Dennis Hands, CEO


Hands went on to talk about how SalesPad Cloud has helped them improve their customer service performance.

Throughout the day, nearly every employee at LED Lighting Solutions uses SalesPad Cloud. The CSRs, though, are among those who use it the most, along with those who are involved in warehouse operations. 

“SalesPad Cloud helps us with our customer service,” said Hands. “If customers are calling in for their shipping information, their tracking numbers, or wanting to know if their order shipped, we’re able to really quickly get to a customer’s profile, open their order, and give them the information. So we’re able to give the best customer service we possibly can with our SalesPad Cloud system.”

SalesPad Cloud makes it simple for employees to access critical customer information, but beyond that, it makes it easy for employees to quickly get up-to-speed on how LED Lighting Solutions conducts business. 

“Just this week, we added two customer service reps, and they are already entering orders on their own with SalesPad Cloud,” said Hands.  

During any given week, LED Lighting Solutions processes 50-70 orders, and the customer service department interacts with up to 60 customers per day via phone, email, or chat. To have employees up-and-running on SalesPad Cloud so quickly helps LED Lighting Solutions maintain their efficiency and meet sales goals while continually exceeding customer expectations.


LED Lighting Solutions makes good use of creativity when working with their software solutions, and SalesPad Cloud handles their unique approach without missing a step. 

For instance, rather than think of SalesPad Cloud’s virtual “warehouses” literally, LED Lighting Solutions chooses to utilize them a little differently when managing their 250+ SKUs. 

“Although we manage our inventory out of a single physical warehouse,” Hands explained, “we run it as though it’s multiple warehouses so that we know the locations of all our inventory at any point in time. If it’s on the boat, we receive it into the ‘boat’ warehouse, and then when we actually do receive it, we transfer it into the ‘live’ warehouse.”

Beyond thinking outside the box for using default functionality that comes with SalesPad Cloud, LED Lighting Solutions enlisted the software engineers at SalesPad to help them out with some reporting requests.

“I had a custom grid report built that lists all orders, invoices, and estimates by SKU and when they were entered. So that lets me look at how many estimates, etc. we’re doing in a day, by product. 

“What we’ve done is take that dynamic grid by product report and compared it to our Google Analytics and our Google Product Marketing budgets, so that we can see how that is reflected in our daily estimating and daily orders. It’s really cool.”


When asked about SalesPad Cloud’s integration to accounting platform integration and how that partnership has worked out for LED Lighting Solutions, Hands had this to say:

“SalesPad Cloud helps tremendously in keeping track of where your inventory is, what’s going on with it, and also what’s on order. It allows you to quote those items so that you know what demand is going to be for inventory items in the future.”

Hands appreciates how SalesPad Cloud's accounting integrations maintain accurate financial data by calculating financial transactions as they occur. As an ecommerce business, LED Lighting Solutions is able to enter credit card information directly onto the orders within SalesPad Cloud, which then sends all that data to their accounting solution. 

“It has made our life easier, from an accounting standpoint.” 

Collaborating with SalesPad to create their custom grid, and communicating with SalesPad in general, has been a positive experience for Hands and his team. 

“Working with the SalesPad team, across the board, has been great. We get quick responses from Support — faster than I would have ever expected. The development team has a very meticulous process that they follow to make sure that the end product that they’re working on is a success for the customer.”

Overall, SalesPad Cloud has proven to be a win for LED Lighting Solutions. And for Hands, it all boils down to facilitating and furthering growth. 

“Because of its ease-of-use, workflows, and order management system, SalesPad Cloud has allowed us to continue our growth. Even during trying, busy times, we’ve been able to keep up, because we are on SalesPad Cloud.”

The future looks bright for LED Lighting Solutions, and SalesPad Cloud is proud to be part of their journey.

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