• Cost savings by utilizing a cloud-based environment
  • Inventory management improvements
  • Data accuracy across platforms
  • Expedited ecommerce order processing
  • Support for multiple inventory locations

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Diversity IT


The Company

Diversity IT, based out of Laguna Nigel, California, specializes in asset recovery and valuation in the information technology hardware industry (in other words, they buy old gear off of clients, restore and clean the gear, and then resell it). They also provide post-warranty support for IT products and sell new IT equipment through ecommerce market channels such as eBay and Newegg.

When it comes to IT sourcing, Diversity IT prides itself in not sacrificing speed for quality, or vice versa.. By creating an environment where a customer’s phone call might be answered by one of Diversity IT’s top-level execs, they emphasize their company’s commitment to putting the customer first. They’re always looking for new ways to utilize technology in order to better serve not only their customers, but also their internal staff. They’re a people-first company focused on providing top-notch IT services at the best possible prices.

The Challenge

Jeremy Place, Chief Operating Officer at Diversity IT, came to Diversity IT from a company that uses SalesPad Desktop and Microsoft Dynamics GP as their ERP and accounting solution. Place initially wanted to replicate that setup with Diversity IT.

One of the primary challenges of opting for an on-premises solution such as Dynamics GP, though, can be licensing costs. Beyond the licensing costs, there are often additional labor costs — many companies who run Dynamics GP need to invest in personnel dedicated to working with that software.

“At my previous company, we had three developers on staff who worked on GP,” Place said. “The cost of all the licenses and that extra staff means we [Diversity IT] would have to be considerably bigger to justify those costs — maybe 10 times bigger.”

When it came time for Diversity IT to choose an ERP system, Place decided to take a look at SalesPad Cloud as their ERP solution, mostly because it was more affordable for the time being. Place assumed that Diversity IT would eventually migrate away from a cloud suite to a more traditional server-based setup, once they’d grown to the point where they could afford it.

The Solution

SalesPad Cloud. “We’ve been on SalesPad Cloud now for four years,” said Place, “and we’re going to stick with the cloud services.”

Place’s change of heart stems not only from seeing how much cloud technology has improved over the last few years, but also from seeing first-hand how capable cloud systems are of keeping up with and facilitating growth for a wide variety of companies, including his own.

“We’re taking out IT equipment for people who are moving to the cloud,” he explained. “Companies are no longer installing on-premises equipment at their data centers. Their data centers these days are pretty much just routing points, so that they can have better bandwidth to allow them to access their resources in the cloud.”

Cloud technology is here to stay, and Diversity is fully onboard.


“We've been on SalesPad Cloud now for four years, and we're going to stick with the cloud services.”

Jeremy Place, Chief Operating Officer, Diversity IT

Better Inventory Management and Order Processing

“SalesPad Cloud has benefitted me, as the COO, through its inventory management aspects,” said Place. “It’s really easy to adjust things in and out, make sure that data is accurate, and manage multiple locations. That’s probably where it helps us out the most.”

Beyond better inventory management, Place also appreciates how SalesPad Cloud has facilitated company growth by making order processing easier and faster, not only for internal orders, but also for orders that come in through their ecommerce sites.

Tanner Huibregtse, who works in the ecommerce department at Diversity IT, agrees.

“It takes me about one to two minutes to process an order,” he said. “SalesPad Cloud has made my job easier in that it gives me a very simple way to enter my orders, and it keeps records of everything.”

Diversity IT processes anywhere from 20-50 orders a day, and they’re looking to increase that number. Integrations offered through SalesPad Cloud, such as the new integration to the ecommerce platform Sellbrite, offer exciting automation opportunities that will help Diversity IT reach that next goal.

“If I don’t have to pay someone to do it, and it’s automated, it’ll get done quicker, and we’ll have more listings, and therefore more sales,” said Place.

Putting the pedal to the metal when it comes to processing equipment

As far as physical inventory, Diversity IT is able to get its hands on as much product as it wants to process through their system, so speed is the name of the game when it comes to increasing profitability. SalesPad Cloud has greatly increased their ability to deal with the amount of inventory they process on a daily basis.

“We’re in a good spot,” said Place, but emphasized that Diversity IT is always looking to increase efficiency across the board. SalesPad Cloud is and will continue to be a big part of how Diversity IT ramps up their business processes.

Diversity IT was one of SalesPad Cloud’s very first customers — they adopted our software back before it was even called SalesPad Cloud. All these years later, they have no plans to leave the cloud for an on-premises solution, as any cons of localized systems are far outweighed by all that the cloud has to offer.

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