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The Company

ATS Traffic has 50 years of experience in the traffic safety industry. Founder Lorne Hooper had a vision to make road hazard signs less of a hazard themselves, and that vision lives on today in the family of companies that have joined together to create ATS Traffic. They pride themselves on being on top of any and every industry change, and in using their expertise to help solve their customers’ traffic and safety challenges. Depending on the time of year, ATS Traffic employs 300-500 staff across seven separate locations.

ATS Traffic supplies traffic signs, intelligent traffic systems, programmable signs (or teletraffic signs), smart city signage, and on-street services, such as setting up safe construction zones. Most equipment that they sell is also available for rent. Because of the nature of their products, many of ATS Traffic’s customers are city municipalities or other governments. Working with such customers comes with plenty of regulatory requirements, which places additional onus on ensuring that orders are accurate and products are shipped on time.

The Challenge

Until about two years ago, the seven different operating entities of what is now ATS Traffic were operating independently of each other. Bringing so many systems and employees under one umbrella requires an Operational ERP that can roll with the punches and provide each employee with the resources that they need to thrive.

Beyond the general need for a cohesive Operational ERP for the company, ATS Traffic was on the hunt for a solution that was able to provide them with a thorough Business Process Review (BPR) and some custom software development. They found all that, and more, with SalesPad.

The Solution

SalesPad Desktop. Yvonne Edgington, Sales Support Coordinator at ATS Traffic, really appreciates how all-encompassing SalesPad Desktop is as a sales order management tool.

“Our entire sales team uses SalesPad Desktop exclusively for entering quotes and processing orders,” she said. “We used to enter those in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The benefits we get from SalesPad, though, are true visibility into our orders, the workflows, and how user-friendly it is to work with and train staff on.”

Gale E. Dallyn, Director of Business Applications, added that it’s not just the sales team who really benefits from SalesPad Desktop.

“Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer on what SalesPad is best at,” he explained. “Our customer service professionals and account managers appreciate the quick access to customer information and the tabular user interface, plus the option to reorder columns so that they can easily reference the content they need. And those of us who need to analyze all the data rely heavily on the Sales Monitor and sales analysis. It’s different for every role, and being able to control who sees what through the security measures provides a very high level of sophistication.”

When asked what impact SalesPad Desktop had had on their company’s performance overall, Dallyn’s thoughts immediately turned to order processing time, estimating that they’ve been able to reduce that time by about half since implementing SalesPad Desktop.

Edgington agreed, and added that the access to reliably accurate data has done a lot to help keep ATS Traffic moving in the right direction.

“It’s really streamlined communication,” she said.

“All the way to the executive level, SalesPad Desktop provides a great window into how the business is performing.”

Gale E. Dallyn, Director of Business Applications

ATS Traffic Case Study

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Dallyn says that SalesPad Desktop has helped ATS Traffic improve their margins by giving them the tools to conduct better margin analysis. Through the utilization of workflows, they’ve introduced margin approvals, which have had a positive impact on their bottom line and overall profitability.

Smarter margin analysis fits in with the general theme of Dallyn’s favorite feature of SalesPad Desktop: access to data.

“All the way to the executive level,” he said, “SalesPad Desktop provides a great window into how the business is performing.”


After ATS implemented SalesPad Desktop, they went through a Business Process Review — SalesPad’s onsite analysis of a company’s processes.The SalesPad employees visited ATS Traffic’s Edmonton location and spent a couple of days conducting a thorough review of ATS Traffic’s current business process, examining areas that needed improvement, and providing a deep dive into certain features of SalesPad Desktop that ATS Traffic was not utilizing. Both Edgington and Dallyn found the entire BPR process extremely helpful, and only wished they could’ve had a few more days with SalesPad’s product experts.

“The BPR was a really good experience. It was great to look at our processes, see where we can make improvements, and get quotes on different custom options for us. It was a very collaborative, educational experience. Additionally, the BPR taught us stuff about SalesPad Desktop that we didn’t yet know about,” Edgington said.

It’s easy to confuse a BPR with a conversation about software customization, but SalesPad considers them to be separate processes, and Dallyn agrees that they should be. Exploring customization options is something that happens as a result of the BPR, he explains. The BPR in itself is too valuable a process to be brushed aside as just the first step in software customization.

ATS Traffic did go so far, though, as to initiate some software customization, due to workflow issues they discovered as a result of the BPR. And so far, the experience has been a positive one. ATS Traffic was struggling with complications that are part and parcel with incorporating design into signage, but SalesPad was able to create a solution that will all but eliminate their production and shipping challenges.

“Our customization is going to allow us to standardize our processes,” explained Edgington, “which is going to minimize the possibility for errors during sign production and improve our ability to give the customer accurate delivery dates.”

When asked about overall thoughts on using SalesPad Desktop every day and going through the BPR experience, both Edgington and Dallyn had very positive responses.

“We’re very pro-SalesPad. It’s all so helpful,” said Edgington, “And there’s so much further to go — just because we’ve had certain customizations done, doesn’t mean we’re done improving. There’s so much we want to bring in as a result of the BPR.”

Dallyn appreciates the cost savings that SalesPad brings, and not only because of the margin improvements they’ve seen. By bringing SalesPad Desktop into the picture, ATS Traffic has been able to spend less on Microsoft Dynamics GP, which he considers a big win.

“We’ve had a significant footprint decrease in GP as we’ve been using SalesPad more. Even with licensing and enhancement through SalesPad, we’re seeing significant cost savings. Because of the way we’re able to better manage our margins now, our profitability has increased with SalesPad as well; we’ve added to our bottom line. The visibility SalesPad provides allowed us to do this.

“For a distribution or manufacturing company on GP,” he concluded. “SalesPad is an evolutionary step in the right direction.”

“The BPR was a really good experience. It was great to look at our processes, see where we can make improvements, and get quotes on different custom options for us. It was a very collaborative, educational experience. Additionally, the BPR taught us stuff about SalesPad Desktop that we didn’t yet know about.”

Yvonne Edgington, Sales Support Coordinator

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