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The Company

Angstrom Supply prides itself on attention to the little things; the word “angstrom” is actually a unit of measurement equal to one ten billionth of a meter. By taking the name Angstrom, the founders sought to convey the importance of each and every detail. This attention to detail is particularly vital to a company like Angstrom Supply, a leading provider of cleanroom products and services. For over a decade, Angstrom Supply has been providing their customers with everything they need to create a highly filtered, controlled environment. As they proclaim on their website, “Small things matter.”

The cleanroom industry is a niche market, but it’s growing. As Dustin Deckrow, owner and “head coach” at Angstrom Supply, explained, “When people’s expectations for perfection go up, the need for clean increases as well.”

More and more industries are demanding cleanrooms, and Angstrom Supply has risen to the challenge of supplying the equipment necessary to meet these demands.

The Challenge

As head coach at Anstrom, Deckrow described his role at the company as the guy who was in charge of “keeping everyone moving in the right direction.” A few years ago, he faced the challenge of selecting a software that would keep Angstrom Supply on the path to success.

Angstrom Supply was in the market for a better order processing system. They were struggling to maintain their company’s growth, processing, at best, only one order a day. Angstrom prides themselves on being focused on the customer, so clearly, a change was in order. Orders were increasing both in frequency and complexity, with no end in sight as the industry continued to boom.

“The real downside with our old system was that there was no workflow for an order,” says Deckrow. “No ability to know where an order was at. That was one of our biggest concerns.”

“The system we were using before really limited what we could do,” adds Tyler Hartman, Operations Manager at Angstrom Supply. “There weren’t many integrations with other softwares, which made shipping and tracking inventory very manual processes. Just managing orders overall was very difficult.”

The onus then fell on Deckrow to determine what was the best move for the company. They needed to scale their growth in order to keep pace with the cleanroom industry as a whole, and they needed a solution that would propel orders through the system automatically, while keeping the emphasis on the customer.

The Solution

SALESPAD CLOUD. Angstrom Supply looked at a lot of different solutions, but finally landed on SalesPad Cloud, not only for the workflow capabilities, but also because of the heavy emphasis on product management. “That’s the core of what we do,” says Deckrow. “We manage product delivery for our customers, and we need to do that well.”

SalesPad Cloud was a good match for Angstrom Supply’s needs, plus it was at a good price point for them. ERP systems can be expensive to purchase and implement, and they don’t necessarily guarantee that the steep ticket will be worth it, but SalesPad Cloud is different. Implementation is affordable and designed to be scalable right from the start. Angstrom Supply opted for SalesPad Cloud, and so far, the relationship has been a happy one, for both parties.

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“Your customers are the most important part of your business … If you want to keep your customers happy, SalesPad is the obvious choice.”

Tyler Hartman, Operations Manager, Angstrom Supply

Easy access to customer data, plus efficient order processing.

Angstrom Supply uses SalesPad Cloud to keep close tabs on what their customers are up to. They track what items customers are purchasing, how often, what they were purchasing at some point but aren’t anymore, and much much more. The fact that the sales reps at Angstrom Supply have such easy access to customer data like this makes monitoring customer activity much simpler, and it helps management out a lot when deciding how to market different products.

Better access to customers means more detailed information on what inventory customers are interested in, which means better inventory management, which means more sales. The whole system falls apart, though, if the sales order processing system can’t keep pace. Angstrom Supply uses SalesPad Cloud’s built-in workflow capabilities to ensure that their orders proceed through their system quickly and accurately every time.

Previously, when Hartman needed to reference the status of an order, he would have to manually sift through stacks of paperwork to find the data he was after. Now, with SalesPad Cloud, he can quickly find what he’s after in a clean, easy-to-read grid lookup.

“Our goal is to flush out every order, from entry to invoice, as quickly as we can,” says Deckrow. “Because when we do that, one, we’re going to make more money, and two, we’re going to make the customers happy.”

Improved shipments via dropshipping and integrating to ShipStation.

Prior to making the switch to SalesPad Cloud, Angstrom Supply struggled with making sure that their orders shipped out on time.

“The ShipStation integration really speeds up the process of moving an order from being just on the computer screen to being an actual shipment,” says Hartman. “It works really well and it’s efficient.”

Oftentimes, it’s quicker and more cost-efficient for Angstrom Supply to use dropshipping to get the product to the customer. With SalesPad Cloud, dropshipping is a simple process that ensures the products reach the customer in an appropriate fashion — inventory doesn’t look like backordered product or like product from someone other than Angstrom Supply. This keeps the delivery process running smoothly and frees up warehouse space, which of course is a hot commodity at a place like Angstrom Supply.

Simplified paper trail using split invoicing.

“One of the features we definitely wanted in our new system was the ability to split invoices,” says Hartman, “but a lot of the systems we evaluated that could do that were astronomically priced. SalesPad provided a solution that really met our needs in that way.”

SalesPad Cloud makes splitting invoices, and re-combining split invoices, a simple process that really helps a company like Angstrom Supply provide the best experience for their customers.

The option to re-combine split invoices was not functionality that was included in the first versions of SalesPad Cloud — it’s a feature that was added to the product once SalesPad heard that customers were looking for it. SalesPad Cloud prides itself on being a flexible, scalable product that listens to custom requests and does what it can to meet and exceed expectations.

Deckrow agrees. “SalesPad is committed to the development of the product,” he adds, “and continues to step up to the plate to develop [features] that meet our needs. We intend to stay with it for the long haul.”

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