The Business Process Review.

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What is a Business Process Review?

A Business Process Review (BPR) is our deep dive into your business, its products, operations, and processes. We want to see you shine — and a BPR is the first step in helping your systems get you there.

How does a BPR work?

First, we’ll visit your company and spend time with you learning all the ins and outs of your business. Next, we’ll put our heads together with the aim of improving your workflow. We will offer feedback on improving your business practices overall, not only by leveraging the capabilities of SalesPad’s standard products and custom solutions, but also by implementing additional business best practices that we feel you could improve on.

After our on-site visit to your company, SalesPad will deliver a detailed report of our findings along with recommendations for improvement. We’ll offer you a range of recommendations to provide you with both short- and long-term business improvements. Some of these improvements will be easy to implement right away at little to no cost, and others might represent a bigger investment for your company. Either way, they’re yours to take under consideration.

Do you need a BPR?

Who needs a Business Process Review?

Anyone who wants to improve their operations.

Whether you’re a current SalesPad user or this is your introduction to us, you may benefit from a thorough analysis of your current processes. Here are examples of the kinds of companies we’ve helped:

Manufacturing icon

Distribution and manufacturing businesses that want to leverage SalesPad for maximum ROI.

Workflow icon

Companies looking for custom software solutions that fit their processes — not the other way around.

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Inventory management icon

People in industries ranging from landscaping supplies to machinery who want to review and improve current processes.

Sales icon

Businesses that want insights on how to bridge technology or process gaps in their operations.

Let’s chase that dream of yours.

More vacation time? Better margins? Peace of mind?

What could you accomplish with a more streamlined business? Would you be able to leave the office with confidence, knowing you have processes in place to keep orders moving without you? Or maybe that extra time could empower your sales team to chase after new business, rather than spending all their time putting out fires. Whatever your goals are, let’s go after them together.


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Yvonne loves SalesPad’s BPR. Here’s why…

The business process review was a really good experience. It was great to look at our processes, see where we can make improvements, and get quotes on different custom options for us. It was a very collaborative, educational experience.”

— Yvonne Edgington, Sales Support Coordinator, ATS Traffic

ATS Traffic Case Study

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