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SalesPad Desktop’s Sales Doc Field workflow condition is a built-in workflow rule condition that allows you to do a logical evaluation based on a sales document field as you forward a document through workflow.

It is a versatile rule condition that can be used in all sorts of situations that you might think can only be done with a custom workflow rule.

A simple use case would be if you need to check if a document total is over $1,000 and if the document is paid in full.

To do this, you can check if theTotal field is greater than $1,000 and if the On_Account field is less than or equal to zero. The parameters in the rule are just like SQL syntax.

For the example above, the parameters would look like this: sd.Total > 1000 AND sd.On_Account <= 0.

We can evaluate on any SP Desktop sales document field, but we can also use SalesPad’s fields.

The SPD Status field is a powerful field when used with the Sales Doc Field workflow condition.

The Status field has a variety of different key codes, which are appended to a list. Each key code represents an event that has happened to the document or different characteristics of the document.

Instead of using On_Account in the previous example, we could have used: sd.Status LIKE ‘%FPD%’. “FPD” is key code status for Fully Paid.

Status lets you evaluate on states or conditions the document is in that aren’t necessarily fields on the document.

For example, if the document has been emailed or if there are purchase orders attached to the document; it can also be used to check if there are any tracking numbers listed on the document to see if it has been shipped.

The Sales Doc Field workflow condition is a handy tool to use when building workflow rules.

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