Why Your ERP Software Needs to be Easy to Use

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ERP and Ease of Use

The main goal of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is to simplify business tasks and streamline efficiency. ERP offers tools to help facilitate growth within businesses, simplify complex supply chains, and make sure that customer demands are being met. With this in mind, ease-of-use can be a big factor in the decision making process for ERP software.

How to spot easy-to-use ERP

There are many ways to find an ERP solution that is user-friendly. Systems that offer the best ease of use will take advantage of the following:

An intuitive and familiar interface

An easy-to-use software needs to look familiar and be simple to interpret and manipulate. Confusing or unfamiliar ERP systems can seem overwhelming and discouraging.

Simplicity is key here. Is the software easy to follow? Can the ERP system be easily tailored for specific needs? Will we be able to figure out how to fix problems in the event of an error? All of the answers to these questions should be a resounding “yes.”

Data-centric reporting

Does the software give users clear reports on all important information? Instead of requiring you to hunt down monthly reports, they should be displayed in one central location for your convenience.

Benefits of an easy-to-use ERP

Sure, an easy-to-use system sounds like a good idea, but why exactly is it so important? Here are just a few points to consider:

Cost effective

Not only is there less training required with a well-designed ERP platform, but easy-to-use systems also significantly decrease the amount of costly input errors. Human error is unavoidable, but minimizing the likelihood of mistakes is imperative.

Increased Productivity

No one wants to sit in training sessions for hours on end. If the software is simple and has a user-friendly interface, employees will not only pick it up faster, but it will also make their jobs a lot easier. Less confusion equates to increased productivity and fewer errors made when working with an easy-to-use ERP system. Employees feel more confident in the process and they can move faster when they are not overwhelmed by the interface.

Greater Visibility

Insight into your company’s overall progress is at your fingertips when working with the right ERP solution. Complicated software can make for a confusing business plan — when the process isn’t clear, the overall picture of your business isn’t clear, and this can lead to costly mistakes at the corporate level.

Employee buy-in

When your employees are happy, the business is happy. When software is too complicated, though, employees can become frustrated and not fully commit to the ERP integration process, costing you precious time and money. It’s even possible for employees to purposely sabotage a new system or process because it is unfamiliar and difficult to learn. An ERP system that isn’t intimidating to adopt or learn is vital to the success of the implementation process and to your business’s productivity.

Easy of use is the way to go

Choosing an ERP system is already a daunting task, but implementing the software is an even bigger feat. An easy-to-use system can reduce the risk of going over budget, ensure employee compliance, and establish a process that can elevate the productivity of a business.

To learn more about how to ensure a successful integration experience, check out our free guide.


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