The Secrets of Success: How Order-to-cash Principles Inform Our Team

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

What’s in a winning team?

There’s a lot that goes into creating a well-rounded team. Finding the right mix of talent, personality, and drive can be quite a challenge. The rewards, though, make the effort well worthwhile. At SalesPad, our team is made up of folks who live and breathe our core values and self-professed geeks who will stop at nothing to achieve order-to-cash excellence for our customers.

What does it take to create such a team, though, and what lessons did we learn along the way? We sat down with Sarah Ellis, VP of Human Resources at SalesPad, to get her thoughts on the matter.

How would you describe the SalesPad culture?

As VP of HR, I hear this question all of the time. Our Culture Statement does a pretty great job of communicating it: 

“At SalesPad, our team is made up of talented, dedicated professionals who are passionate about innovation and collaboration. We believe that our company’s success is built on the abilities of our employees, and we strive to create a challenging and rewarding environment where all individuals are respected and encouraged to grow in their professional career. In our quest to help businesses grow, expand, or reshape how they do things, our team believes in approaching each and every problem with energy, creativity, and confidence. Ingenuity, adaptation, and evolution are at the core for us at SalesPad.”

Of our eight core values, can you provide examples of our team living them out?

SalesPad understands that recognizing and engaging our workforce in putting our core values into practice is critical. We need it to achieve employee buy-in and to embed those values into our culture. With the implementation of Bonusly, SalesPad’s employee recognition software of choice, with a simple click of a button, we can see how our employees epitomize our values on a daily basis.

Maybe it’s an employee working an off-hours schedule to accommodate a customer halfway across the world (#CustomerSuccess). Or perhaps it’s an employee leading a spontaneous training course in a complex topic in order to share their knowledge with the rest of the team (#Improvement). Or maybe someone covers for another team member who is out on vacation (#PeopleFirst). Whenever there is a need, our employees rise to the occasion. They strengthen our core values through their behaviors every day.

Could you pinpoint the top 3 core values that define SalesPad and how they inform the products that we create?

It’s difficult to select only three values, but if forced to choose, I would pick:

  • #PeopleFirst
  • #OurWhy
  • #CustomerSuccess

The first, and arguably most important, value to the organization is our belief in putting our #PeopleFirst.  By doing so, through clarity of expectations, career development, and employee retention strategies, we believe the work they do as representatives of SalesPad will reflect that same excellence. 

The second value I want to call out is #OurWhy. Our team unites behind it. The belief that we are here to dramatically improve distribution operations through creating and supporting innovative software is the mission that invigorates and motivates the team.

Lastly, our obsession with #CustomersSuccess really defines us. This value, which is at the forefront of our employees’ minds, guides our team on a daily basis.

How do you go about creating a team that embodies our core values? What role does the nature of our business/ solutions play in choosing team members?

It all starts with the type of people we hire and employ. These are the individuals who strive to be the best version of themselves daily. Throughout the interview process, candidates meet with multiple individuals throughout the organization. We present prospective employees with behavioral and situational questions designed to reflect their aptitude towards our core values. Our detailed, multi-stage hiring process gives us a good sense of who we would be hiring before an offer is extended. We ensure that those new recruits have the potential to personify our core values once on board. 

The nature of our business also impacts the types of individuals we select to be a part of our team. Being in technology, we look to hire candidates who are passionate about the work they do and possess a curious mind that is always asking questions and striving to learn something new every day.

What’s the biggest challenge in staffing for a SaaS technology organization that also needs to recruit for distribution expertise? 

We recognize that finding employees who are both extremely technical in nature and who possess expertise in the distribution industry is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. We often find ourselves recruiting candidates who have mastery as it relates to the position they are applying for. Then, we focus on training them on distribution fundamentals once they come on board. Our team employs a number of individuals who have built their career within the distribution industry. And thankfully, they enjoy sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team. 

Let’s pretend for a moment that SalesPad employees are a football team. Thinking of visibility, how do you as a people manager “play the field” by taking advantage of the resources that you know that you’ve got out on the playing field?

Leadership believes that it is important to invest in the employee experience at SalesPad. We do this in multiple ways.

  • Providing learning and development opportunities through SalesPad University
  • Eliciting employee feedback and instituting those changes to create a better work environment that meets the needs of our employees
  • Holding team building events that help to boost morale, encourage collaboration, and cultivate new ideas

Our leadership team dedicates itself to bringing out the best in each and every employee.

If you could speak directly to our customers, what’s the one thing you’d want them to know about SalesPad’s culture and people?

That’s easy — we’re obsessed with our customers’ success! It’s so important for our customers to understand that our team is highly invested in positive experiences. They strive to make the implementation and everyday use of our solutions a decision that our customers never regret. We do this by creating innovative software that provides extraordinary value to the organizations that use it, and by employing a team that goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service.

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