The Integration Spotlight: Sellbrite

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Sellbrite is the perfect ecommerce integration for SalesPad Cloud.

As ERP platforms shift away from the more traditional one-size-fits-all offerings toward a postmodern playing field, integrations become more and more important when considering how best to utilize your ERP solution.

You may have noticed we have a lot of integrations compatible with our software, and for those trying to keep them all straight, we thought we’d offer a helping hand. This new series aims to offer insight on all the integration options available — and our kickoff to the series covers an element of modern business that has seen a huge surge in growth over the last ten years. We’re talking about ecommerce, of course. 

The right ecommerce integration facilitates the flow of information between two systems, so your data only needs to be entered once. This is huge for the overall accuracy of your data. Your inventory levels will automatically update across all channels and systems when goods are sold on any of your ecommerce outlets and as product is received into your warehouses. 

Businesses often choose to fully integrate their ecommerce solution with their ERP software. This integration gives visibility to your inventory, and makes pricing and availability information available to customers and staff in real-time. 

Sellbrite, an excellent ecommerce integration for SalesPad Cloud, takes the center stage today. 

What does it do?

Sellbrite is a multi-channel listing software that gives you the power to list your inventory from one central catalog to several popular online marketplaces and shopping cart platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, BigCommerce, and more.

What sets it apart?

If you’re in need of an ecommerce solution, there are a few things that set Sellbrite apart from the competition.

Continuous Inventory Sync

This one is a must-have for those hoping to keep on top of multiple ecommerce channels. By continuously syncing your company’s data, Sellbrite eliminates the risk of overselling (or underselling) your inventory. Cloud-based inventory management software runs 24/7, so it’s working even when you’re not. Quantities are automatically adjusted as sales occur, and available inventory gets synced across every channel within minutes of an adjustment.

Sellbrite’s true standout function with the continuous sync gives a competitive edge with customized inventory rules for each channel. You can simulate stock scarcity, show heavy stock, or keep a reserve – you’ll be taking your inventory management to a whole new level.

Bulk Listing:

This is a great tool for seeing where your inventory is currently selling and for publishing new product listings out to your sales channels in bulk. This can be done with just a few clicks, saving you hours of work, and it minimizes the risk of expanding to new marketplaces. Sellbrite makes it as easy as selecting the products you want to list and choosing the channel to list on — that’s it. The listings are automatically created in real time. Sellbrite even makes it possible to sell items for different prices on each channel. Prices, titles, descriptions, and any other product data for each channel can be customized as you see fit.

Customized (and personalized) Templates:

To simplify the way you list items and substantially improve your efficiency, Sellbrite offers reusable custom HTML listing templates. Common options and settings (such as shipping fees) for each channel can be saved in a template, which can then be applied to new or existing listings for fast and easy listing creation or updates. Changes made to a template will automatically update all the listings with that template applied, which is a huge time saver, saving you hours of work. Various kinds of templates can be grouped (shipping, pricing, etc.) together to create listing “recipes” for preparing the perfect listing.

If you’re selling on eBay, Sellbrite has a simple drag-and-drop interface to easily create professional, mobile-optimized eBay listings that are 100% compliant with eBay’s active content policy. If that’s not a concern, you can still enter your own HTML and insert product tags to merge your product data into your template.

Price Sync

Another great time-saver, this feature makes it possible to quickly update inventory pricing across every ecommerce channel. Using Sellbrite, you can change prices for your inventory once, and the new prices will be automatically synced across each channel. Price Sync is customizable by sales channel too. Price rules can be enforced, which will automatically adjust pricing for each of your channels based on the criteria you set.

Sellbrite logo

Who is it for?

Sellbrite is for anyone doing business in the ecommerce space. Ecommerce opens your business up to the global market, requires very little overhead, and lets you keep selling beyond the end of your workday. Sellbrite helps keep everything organized, and protects the accuracy of your data by making sure information is shared across all your ecommerce channels.

Tending to your ecommerce operations is a must in today’s business landscape, and Sellbrite makes it easy to manage all of your ecommerce channels. No matter where your customers shop, you can cover all the bases quickly and efficiently. 

We’ve got many more integration to cover, too! Keep an eye on our blog for more Integrations Spotlights, or reach out to us to hear more about the integrations currently available.

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