The Importance of Integrations for Cloud-based ERP Solutions

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Focusing on what you are best at is important, no matter who you are. Being a jack of all trades has its advantages, but in today’s hyper-competitive world, it pays to be the expert in your field.

For example, here at SalesPad, we know that we excel at providing inventory management tools coupled with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface (in other words, Operational ERP), and so we devote ourselves to that.

As important as smart, effective inventory management solutions are, though, we know they’re not the only services you need to run a successful business. You also need a great accounting platform, and you’re probably interested in credit card processing software, ecommerce options, and additional file sharing capabilities, to name a few potential areas of interest.

This is where integrations come into play. SalesPad Cloud offers integrations that give our customers exciting options to consider.

Opting for a solution that doesn’t provide you with integration options to enhance your ERP’s performance will inhibit your company’s potential for growth.

The idea behind integrations is pretty simple: if a user of one piece of software wants to use an additional piece in combination with the first, they simply enter their account information for the second piece into the first’s integration setup for that software.

In other words, if you’re a SalesPad Cloud customer who wants to use PayFabric to process your credit card transactions, all you have to do is enter your PayFabric account credentials into the PayFabric page in SalesPad Cloud. Because SalesPad Cloud provides an integration to PayFabric, the two programs can talk to each other seamlessly from within SalesPad Cloud. There’s no need to run the two solutions separately or to manually input data from one software into the other.

Available integrations are a crucial element to consider when you’re evaluating which ERP solution is best for you. Opting for a solution that doesn’t provide you with integration options to enhance your ERP’s performance will inhibit your company’s potential for growth.

Think of your cloud-based business software suite as a team of superheroes — the best work gets done when everyone cooperates and plays to their strengths. New members can be added when needed, and those beloved, older members who have put in their good time but now need to take it easy can retire with dignity.

If your cloud-based ERP system doesn’t offer a healthy list of useful integrations, that’s a big sign that it might be time to re-evaluate your ERP setup. Cloud software is flexible by design, evolving, and able to scale with your business. Because integrations can elevate a software’s overall performance so well, they are a central part of cloud software’s inherent advantage. If you’re not at the very least exploring the integration options available to you, you’re probably missing out on some awesome performance upgrades.

What it all boils down to is this: team work really does make the dream work. Take a look at what integrations are on your team right now and which ones are available to join, then get to work creating your company’s ultimate dream team.

If you want to learn more about SalesPad Cloud or our list of available integrations, please reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you.

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