The Case of the Vanishing Inventory

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You amble up to your warehouse door and fumble with the keys. There’s a cold, light rain falling on your face. You’re glad you threw on that sweater before heading out. These skin-prickling drops will be snow before too long. Where did the summer go?

The Case of the Vanishing Inventory

The warehouse door emits a quiet, muffled scream as it swings open. You’re pretty sure you asked maintenance to take care of that, but they must not have gotten to it yet. And that light bulb is still flickering, too. Did everyone from maintenance take a sick day yesterday?

The door slams shut behind you, unexpectedly. You didn’t realize it was that windy out. Suddenly the printer starts spitting out packing slips. You swallow a yelp- who sent something to the printer? You’re the only one here.


You pick up your clipboard from the packing station and walk down the long (really really long…you don’t remember them being this long before…) aisles to where the inventory you need should be. 34A, 34B, 34C….

A crash of thunder bursts overhead, just as a stack of perfectly sturdy boxes tumbles to the ground the next aisle over. The light above you bursts into a shower of sparks as you scramble to the end of the aisle, to section 34F, to grab the inventory and get. out. of. here.

The shelf is empty! Cobwebs everywhere! You trip on a yowling black cat you’ve never seen before as you scramble back to the door. It’s locked!! How? WHY? A bony finger taps you on the shoulder and you shriek, “There are ghosts in my warehouse! How else to explain my inventory not being where it’s supposed to be?!”

While this exact scenario may not have happened to you, if you haven’t invested some serious time and effort into creating an effective inventory management system for your warehouse, something similar certainly has.

Keeping tabs on all of your inventory in a bustling warehouse can be a real challenge. It’s not enough to simply track your inventory, though. Healthy, thriving companies recognize that managing inventory is different from just knowing where it is. Managing inventory is essential for growth, and when done correctly, it can prevent you from losing thousands of dollars worth of product.

If you’re not familiar with the difference between tracking and managing inventory, or why it matters so much, check out this blog entry. And if you still have questions, reach out to us! We love to hear from you, and we promise not to spook you (much)!

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