Take It to Go: Using Mobile Solutions With Your ERP

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For better or worse, our personal and professional lives are dependent on our mobile devices. Over 3.7 billion people use mobile phones, and that number isn’t going down any time soon. Now that mobile phone usage is so prevalent, businesses have begun to capitalize on the level of accessibility it provides. Marketing experts say you need to reach customers where they’re at, in order to keep your audience involved, and currently, everyone is on their phones.

The world of product-centric businesses is not immune to this mobile phenomenon, either. There are many benefits to providing your users and employees with a mobile solution for the transactions they’d normally have to conduct while tethered to their desks. Mobility means flexibility, and there’s plenty of great ways to optimize it to improve your workflow from wherever your employees are working. 

What can you do with a mobile solution?

The major benefit of a mobile solution is the increased accessibility it provides. Operating from your mobile device isn’t “settling” — it allows you to harness the full power of an on-prem solution from wherever you are. Whether you need to browse through customer information or accept payments, mobile systems can do it all without missing a beat. 

Mobile technology also helps facilitate easy communication with your main office hub, so you’re not at a disadvantage if you can’t be on-site. Anything you can do from your desk at work, you’ll be able to do from your mobile device.Welcome to the future!

What are some specific capabilities? 

The breadth of mobile’s capabilities also allows users in any department of your company to transfer their day-to-day tasks to the digital sphere. Those working in sales have access to the data they need every step of the way, from initiating contacts to closing a deal. If they’re working directly with a customer, mobile gives them the power to check order history look-ups, and gives them a comprehensive catalog-style browsing feature to review available inventory at a glance. 

The power of a mobile solution also grants you the ability to manage sales documents outside the office. Invoices, orders, and return documents can all be edited directly, and the changes will save and transfer to your Desktop database as you do so. If you’re finishing up a sale, you can capture the payment for it right from the mobile device without needing the physical documents themselves.  

into mobile can be a great way to streamline the distribution side of your operations as well. Drivers can use mobile capabilities with a dispatch plug-in to view their routes and easily stay on schedule while making their deliveries. On the flip side, if you happen to be in the office but want to keep tabs on your shipments, drivers can use mobile to check in and out at their stops, giving you up-to-the-minute details on where they are and when the product arrives at its intended location.

When should you use it? 

Any time you’re not in the office, mobile will be your best friend — it’s the perfect solution for a remote workspace. Users can view their sales monitor and access customer information, and create interactions from anywhere, and don’t need to rely on on-site coworkers to input their data for them. Employees that can’t commute or prefer to work from home can do so, and won’t be placed at a disadvantage.

Mobile also comes in handy when your sales team is on the road. Attending conferences and trade shows can be a great way to expand your opportunities, but you’ll want to be able to plug right into your software while you’re there so that you don’t have to transfer over your new prospect information once you’re back in the office. Mobile is optimized for capture prospects, and allows users to create orders, accept payments, and print receipts on the spot, so you don’t have to wait to return to the office in order to close the sale. 

The ability to show prospective customers what your products have to offer, access your inventory catalogue, and demonstrate exactly what your business is capable of while on the road is another big advantage of mobile technology. 

How can I make my mobile solution even more powerful? 

While our mobile system offers plenty of great features on its own, it’s also incredibly flexible, and pairs well with several other power-ups that heighten your mobile experience. Bluetooth capability allows users to pair their device with printers and scanners, as well as PAX and EMV devices, so payments can begin and end using only mobile. 

In terms of boosting overall efficiency, AutomationAgent is the perfect counterpart to SalesPad Mobile, our personal mobile solution. By syncing the two, you can do more than just perform the basic functions of your job remotely — you can optimize your workflow and receive notifications on inactive accounts or events that require further action. Mobile users aren’t just treading water, they’re improving their overall experience with the flexibility it offers. 

In our modern world, mobility means heightened accessibility, flexibility, and an opportunity to keep your fingers on the pulse of your operations even when you can’t be in the office. With mobile, there’s no need to play catch up. You can do it all, from anywhere, even in places with the sketchiest of wireless connections. 

If you’re in the market for a mobile solution and want to see how our mobile solution works in real-time, you can watch our webinar.

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