Supply Chain Network Design Systems: The Daily Definition

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What are supply chain network design systems?

Supply Chain Network Supply Systems

Supply chain network design systems are the systems put in place to optimize the relationships among the disparate elements of the overall supply chain. Manufacturing plants, distribution centers, points of sale, and raw materials are just a few examples of what is included in these systems. 

An example:

Picture the biggest, coolest spiderweb of productivity. A satisfyingly intricate flowchart of logical movement. That’s a supply chain network. And the masterminds behind these networks use supply chain network design systems to accomplish it all.

Without a solid design system in place, you risk meeting your targets and disappointing your customers. For the product-centric company with fingers in many pies (or hoping to reach that point), they’re crucial to success.

Depending on the complexity of your supply chain, you might need to invest in a software solution dedicated to managing it. Check out Predictive Analytics Today’s list of the top ten supply chain network design systems software solutions.

Our two cents:

There’s a lot of moving pieces to keep track of when working to get your products into the hands of your customers. If it’s all a little overwhelming, there are solutions out there to help you bridge that gap. If you’re up for tackling these challenges on your own, though, well…that’s where the real fun begins.

While you’re working to design the perfect system for your business, remember the systems supporting that system. Yes, we’re talking ERP again. It’s what we do.

The best supply chain network in the world will fall apart if it’s working with faulty inventory data. So make sure that yours isn’t. 

What are the key indicators that your inventory data is up to snuff? Do you trust your inventory data? Is it accurate? Is it up-to-date, and is it integrated directly with your accounting platform? Start with these questions and go from there.

For a deeper dive into whether or not your ERP solution is giving you the inventory data you need, check out this ebook we created to help guide you.

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