Saving on Postage by E-Mailing Invoices

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As business owners and managers evaluate new technology, they continually ask how it will make them money or at the very least, save them money.

One very simple way that SalesPad Desktop easily pays for itself is by allowing users to easily fax and e-mail documents directly from the system. No need to print and fax documents. No need to stuff envelopes. And, no need to pay for postage.

SalesPad supports the ability to fax and e-mail both individual documents and groups of documents. SalesPad users frequently deliver quotes, order confirmations, return authorizations, and invoices to their customers without printing. In addition to sending the specific document as a PDF, SalesPad writes a date and time stamped record to the Audit trail of each document. This makes it very easy to see exactly who received the document and when it was sent, which saves time on the original send and on subsequent research.

One of our current SalesPad users saved over $4,000 in postage in the just first quarter of 2011. In just 2 months, they went from mailing all of their invoices to e-mailing 80 percent of them. They estimate a year-one savings of approximately $20,000 as they move toward e-mailing an even higher percentage of their invoices.

To learn more about faxing or e-mailing forms directly from SalesPad, please contact SalesPad or your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

— Tim Hollstein

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