SalesPad Takes Part in Fifth Third River Bank Run

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This past weekend we had a number of SalesPad employees take part in the 40th Annual Fifth Third River Bank Run in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Fifth Third River Bank Run gives participants the option of a 25k-, 10k- or 5k race. We had individuals take part in all three categories (#SPMoves), as well as doing a 5k dance/walk (#SPGrooves). Those who took part in the dance/walk got their groove on while still completing the 5k Walk. The weather ended up being perfect running weather for West Michigan. We didn’t think we could wake our team up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning to run but here is proof that we did.

The SalesPad 2017 Fifth Third Rive Bank Run team

Salespad’s #SPMoves and #SPGrooves teams

Check out the impressive times from this years running team:

 25k (15.5 miles):

Christopher Callahan-  3 hours, 18 minutes & 53 seconds

Matt Williams-  2 hours, 27 minutes & 58 seconds

 10k (6.2 miles):

Joe Alt lll-  48 minutes, 21 seconds

Carlos Cacheux-  1 hour, 6 minutes & 17 seconds

Adam Clarke-  40 minutes, 4 seconds

Zachery Dodge-  56 minutes, 44 seconds

Matthew Escalante-  1 hour, 4 minutes & 15 seconds

5k (3.1 miles): 

Matt Brinkmeyer-  27 minutes, 25 seconds

Lara Brinkmeyer-  31 minutes, 20 seconds

Kandace Gordon-36 minutes, 49 seconds

Kreg Losinski-  20 minutes, 30 seconds

Avery Martin-  36 minutes, 53 seconds

Sarah Massirio-  32 minutes, 56 seconds

Tom Rau-  23 minutes, 38 seconds

Brenda Sanchez- 39 minutes, 53 seconds

Carina VanderMeer-  41 minutes, 18 seconds

Avery and Kandace Finish Fest selfie

Avery and Kandace with a post race selfie

Those who took part on #SPGrooves, 5k dance/walk team, enjoyed moving and grooving through the streets of Grand Rapids, and their only complaint was the music wasn’t loud enough. Next year, they plan to take a bigger speaker and make an even bigger impression with their dance moves.

We were happy to have a lot of first time participants at this year’s race, as well as excited for our repeat participants who came back to race. Congrats to the running rock stars Carina, Matt, Kandace, Avery, Tom, Carlos, and Kreg who got their PR’s at the race.  Living in Beer City USA means we stay hydrated and need to stay active, so keep an eye out for our participation in future running adventures like this one.

You can check out more pictures of the race on our Facebook page.

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